Jane the Virgin: Chapter Twenty-One
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Jane pursues sole custody of her unborn baby, and makes plans to attend her 5-year high school reunion. Xo and Ro—now just friends—have to work together for their one-night-only Vegas show. And Michael is re-examining how he handled discovering the list of Sin Rostro's contacts, while also re-examining his feelings for Jane.

Jane's friend Lina convinces Jane to attend the 5-year high school reunion she had started planning a year ago...even though she is now single, pregnant, and unemployed (after quitting her job at the Marbella last week), and the possibility of running into her high school nemesis Stephanie Kovakovitch remains high. Before attending, Jane first finds Rafael at the Marbella...and also runs into Petra and Magda, bolstering her resolve to keep the baby safe and away from the woman who pushed her abuela down the stairs (Magda) and the woman who lied about it (Petra). When Jane tells Rafael that she wants sole custody because of her fears about Petra/Magda/the Marbella, Rafael offers to rent a separate apartment to keep the baby safe and Jane happy. Jane is still convinced sole custody is ultimately best for the baby.

Later, Jane runs into Michael, who spontaneously invites her to a commendation ceremony where he is being honored, and Jane agrees to attend as his guest, but only as a friend. Michael is glad Jane is there, but is still wrestling with his decision to give his ex-partner Nadine an hour head-start before "finding" her name on the list of Sin Rostro's contacts.

At the reunion, Jane is frustrated to discover that her pregnancy is her entire identity, and she realizes how much she wants to be her own person in addition to being a mother. Stephanie Kovakovitch also attends, and she looks amazing, despite concerns that her life must be a train wreck because she'd quit Instagram. Jane is surprised when Stephanie apologizes to her for her past behavior, and is again surprised when Stephanie reveals that her motivations for her bad behavior were not because their parents dated, but that Stephanie had a crush on a guy who had asked Jane out. Stephanie knew that Jane's weakness was her mother, so she spread a rumor that Xiomara was a slut, making Jane's very Catholic boyfriend dump her, and end up with Stephanie.

After the reunion, Michael texts Jane to ask how the reunion went, and as the conversation escalates from texting to a phone call, both Michael and Jane are reminded of how things used to be between them. During the conversation, Jane tells Michael that she is sure he did the right thing in the work situation he is worried about (without knowing any specifics), and Michael tells Jane that she needs to give herself more realistic goals to accomplish her dream of being a writer (instead of her current write-10-pages-a-day goal, which she keeps failing to achieve because her urge to nest is taking over). Their talk inspires Jane to apply for a graduate writing program.

Meanwhile, Xiomara and Rogelio are also trying to navigate friendship territory, though they are much, much more awkward than Jane and Michael. Xo and Ro are still committed to doing a one-night-only show in Vegas together, and rehearsals are not going well...because, Xiomara discovers with some help from Alba, Rogelio is afraid of heights and the hydraulic platform in their routine. To make matters worse, Rogelio has secured a big-time Broadway director to oversee their routine, and Rogelio's latest dream is to EGOT. Wanting to help Rogelio not appear "difficult" (again) in front of the director, Xiomara claims a fear of heights to change the routine for Rogelio.

At the Marbella, Rafael is reeling from Jane's announcement that she wants sole custody, in part because after speaking with Luisa, he knows he still wants to be with Jane. But Jane unknowingly heads Rafael off at the pass by telling him that he was right to end things with her because they are too different. Rafael is determined to make different choices than his father would have, and he cancels a work trip to convince investors not to dismantle his father's corporation (???) because he doesn't want to miss the birth of his baby, which probably won't be for 3 more weeks, but Rafael won't risk even a 5% chance of not being there.

Like Stephanie Kovakovitch, Petra also has a talent for spotting weaknesses to get what she wants, and she knows Jane and the baby are the keys to getting Rafael back. In an effort to ultimately endear herself to Rafael, Petra speaks to Jane to beg her not to take out her anger at Magda/Petra on him, and also offers an explanation for her previous bad behavior: Jane had the life with Rafael that Petra herself had always wanted but couldn't have. Petra's ploy works on Rafael, but unfortunately for Petra, Stephanie has just given Jane a lesson in manipulation (#mostlikelytoscrewoverPetra). Jane convinces Rafael that Petra's weakness is Rafael himself because she is still in love with him, and that Petra will turn her mother into the police to get closer to Rafael, leaving the Marbella safe-enough (in Jane's eyes) for the baby, and for shared custody. This plan works, and Magda is now behind bars as we head into next week's finale.
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I do not blame Jane for going "mean girl" to get Magda behind bars but the tactic seems TOTALLY like something Rafael was hoping Jane would not turn into by being exposed to "his world"; that moment in the pool that led to their break-up (the first time) was "about" her willing to lose her virginity but it was something bigger. This is that something bigger.

Alba's joke (and her delivery and the other character's reactions) about Rogelio not having a problem getting the E.G.O. after he won his Tony = fantastic.

Alba's starcrossed love with the priest = adorable in the confessional, heartbreaking when he says (and they both realize) they can't really be 'just friends'

I would basically watch "The Alba Hour" if given the opportunity.

Thanks for these great recaps.
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The Alba and Rogelio hour. With a dash of Michael for crime fighting. I would watch this all over.

I enjoyed this episode but I am over this season. The stories are all over the place. What good did Nadine having an hour head start do? What happened to Jane teaching? Why is Luisa back and where was she all that time? Maybe these were all covered in previous episodes, but I'm a little lost. Too many long breaks while airing the season. I'm feeling glad the season is coming to an end; not sure I'll pick up for season 2. I love the cast but a lot of the story lines are meh for me.
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What good did Nadine having an hour head start do? What happened to Jane teaching? Why is Luisa back and where was she all that time?

I think Michael giving Nadine a head start allowed her to run, and I believe we are to assume that she is not in police custody because Michael didn't arrest her when he had the chance. Jane decided that she wanted to follow her real dream of becoming a writer, and she turned down the teaching job to work at Rogelio's telenovela as a step in that direction...and then he was fired (and presumably Jane...quit?). Luisa has struggled with alcoholism, and she periodically travels to South America to see a shaman who helps her (I wonder if this one is in reality due to the actress's availability).

I know what you mean about some plots being much tidier than others (I'm still confused about why Ivan was threatening Petra when Milos never wanted to hurt Petra in the first place), but I just love this show so much that I'm willing to forgive a lot. They also seem to have at least triple the number of plots as other hour-long dramedies, and given the number of balls they have in the air, I think it's surprising how few they actually drop. But I will say that this is a show I have to give my undivided visual attention to or I will inevitably miss something critical.
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