Adventure Time: Hoots
May 14, 2015 8:02 PM - Season 6, Episode 36 - Subscribe

Butt feathers.

This episode expands the life of The Cosmic Owl and potentially includes a whole lot of murky foreshadowing, along with the end of Princess Bubblegum's reign and the downfall of the candy kingdom.
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Banana man dreams of his 87th birthday. I'd love to see someone make a cake like that.

Looks like it's only a matter of time until Finn loses his arm again. 7:00, and maybe 8:30.

So, this calls for dream analysis. Finn runs on a treadmill in an infinitely expanding hallway, while Gunter steals a disco ball and Jake takes pictures with an (antique) camera with his face upside down.

Mr.Pig mows his lawn only to have flowers grow in place of the freshly cut grass.
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I assume Finn's treadmill symbolizes the futility of ever being loved by the Lich and Martin.

Of course she is the most evil in the universe, so evil would feel right to her. Gunter just seems jealous. She's a mature bird, treated like a baby, and Ice King talks about Bubblegum all day long. She tried to destroy the Candy Kingdom once before. I guess she's not done yet. As for the disco ball, maybe she just needed it for another penguin party.
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I don't think the dreams are necessarily chronological (though Tree Trunks unzipping the skullbag is a nice touch). We see Lemonhope's dreams, which already happened. I assume there's no real timeline for the show, as such.

Stray thoughts:

• Gunther sure is melancholy for the most evil being in the universe. Makes me wonder what her true nature is. She doesn't seem to have any malice at all, and I straight up can't tell if she resents the Ice King or wants to help him.

• "I think this dream is just ice. Oh, I wish I could dream something else!"

• Jake says, "Say cheese!" and Finn says, "Cheese!" Jake says, "Say goodbye" backwards...and Finn says, "Hello!"

• The King of Ooo dreams of scooping out handfuls of water from a sinking boat.

• Mr. Pig's flowers could be a nod to TT's averted discovery of Sweet Pea's Lichiness. A happy accident.

• So, is Gunther...tangled up with the crown somehow? That crown is pretty evil. Is she related to the original Gunther? Or Nina? Her design looks like Nina; is there always a "Nina" for every Ice King? Is she a personification of the crown? Is she a former Ice Queen? Future Ice Thing? She seems haunted by the crown, and sad about the Ice Kingdom.

Super creepy.

• Most nerds are nerding out about PB's fallen kingdom, but I don't think that's a really big deal. Something I like about the show is how frank it is about how everything changes and nothing lasts forever. Of course the Candy Kingdom will decline and crumble into dust, and the Earth will become old and dessicated and eventually die, to be replaced by something new and weird (or not). That's not the show presenting us with an apocalypse as much as it's just a perfectly true, valid understanding of time that we don't see a lot in Western culture, and especially not children's stories.

This is a fun episode with lots of little details. I like how this show manages to have a bunch of super high-level cosmic entities that are also lonely guys who collect board games. It's struck a nice balance between magical and mundane that Gaiman's Sandman did really well, and scratches the same itch for me.
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Is Gunther's dislike of PB based on jealousy?
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Looks like it's only a matter of time until Finn loses his arm again.

The Tumblr promo for the Season 6 Finale has a portent in it.
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Uggg, considering that Amazon instant only posts the episodes in pairs, the second episode of the season finale could be held over on instant until a new episode airs (waterpark hasn't been paired yet).
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