Adventure Time: Water park prank
May 21, 2015 8:00 PM - Season 6, Episode 37 - Subscribe

Finn and Jake visit a water park.

Finn gets high and bounces on mushrooms then attempts to rescue Princess Orangutang from daddy sad heads but gets himself infected in the process.

Finn and Jake are mean to the Ice King and get him banned from Wet Pipes Water Park for life.
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Really liked the animation on this episode, and how they managed to package multiple conflicts in a normal-sized episode.
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Did Princess Bubblegum's voice sound different to anyone else?
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Oh man, I found the animation in this episode legitimately off-putting. I mean, I like that they did it, because Adventure Time is the kind of show that really can manage to fuss around significantly with aesthetics and still retain its identity. But man alive did I not like the actual look and feel.

Did Princess Bubblegum's voice sound different to anyone else?

Everybody sounded a little off to me at times, and I'm sort of assuming it was just visual dissonance—voice + animation is such a strong way of identifying character and emotive/paralinguistic content in a cartoon that aggressively changing up half that equation seems like a good way to throw a viewer for a loop. But I'd be curious if there actually was something different done with the voice acting.
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Does anyone else find it weird that this is still considered season 6? According to IMDB season 6 started with "Wake Up", the one with Finn's dad and the Citadel, more than a year ago on April 21, 2014. Have they taken a break since then? Do they usually take breaks?

I loved the concept of Daddy Sad Heads. Reminded me of depression.

The different art style made me think of the other guest animated episodes like "A Glitch is a Glitch", which I viscerally did not enjoy watching, so I was a little dismayed when I realized. But at least it wasn't all disturbing and gross like those other ones. This one was also guest animated according to AV Club. I didn't enjoy the style either but the story itself was cute and funny. The style was just too bright and jarring somehow, like it hurt to look at, just like the other ones. It's cool that they get guest animators in but why do they always have to be so unpleasant?
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I can't say I enjoyed the episode or the animation, but I like that they're trying new things, getting guest animators involved.

Also daddy sad heads are half-scrotums.
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The art style took a minute to grow on me, but I really liked it once I had a taste for it. I'm not familiar with David Ferguson's work, but I think I'd like to see more.
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