Justified: Long In The Tooth   Rewatch 
July 15, 2014 7:14 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Raylan and the Mob compete to catch a fugitive headed to the Mexican border.

This episode really shows how much the show needs Harlan, all the LA scenes just feel off. They didn't do much with the Rachel story, just sort of let her problem with Raylan drop. Overall not one of my favorites.

Raylan Body Count: 4
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Yeah, this one was such a downer, I gave up on the show for a year or so until friends assured me I was missing out. Glad I came back, because it does get better. But this is USA Network level piffle right here.
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Yeah, this one was disappointing, but is also (mostly) the season one low-point. (Although I did just watch Bulletville and hated it, but that discussion will have to wait 9 weeks.)
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I remember thinking, "hey this isn't *so* bad" when I first watched it, but in comparison to what this show turned into? It's awful.
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Cameron from Ferris Bueler's Day Off!

Again with the kind hearted yet simple minded woman. I'm not completely convinced she's dumb, though, other than the dental victim's claims and then Rollie's victim-blaming her for her bout of food poisoning.

I'm not sure if I like Rollie. Yeah, he helped kids and got paid in tomales, but he is jerk to Mindy most of the time.

I really wanted Rachel to get her own damn hat that looked cooler than Raylan's and put his little "I'm better than you" subtle swagger down a bit.

But I still do like the empathy Raylan shows to most people he talks to.
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