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February 26, 2016 6:41 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Raylan's surveillance job on a fugitive is interrupted when he is forced to deal with his troubled father, who is causing mischief for a drug dealer who is renting from him.
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I was a bit confused about what was going on here. His dad was trying to get his renter in jail? Because of the oxycotin? Why? Was it just a one-off to get the drugs and the money or was there a longer play that I completely missed?

Interesting introduction of Ava to Winona. I didn't recognize Winona in her lawyer outfit compared to previous times we saw her.

I see a running theme of how everyone wants to get out of Kentucky. Except for the sheriff. He likes it there.

Everyone seems to be related to everyone or at least grew up with someone related to everyone else. The baseball scene in the alley was interesting and introduced the next stressor of Boyd's dad re-entering the picture.

This felt a bit of a mish mash, with the yardwork arrest thrown in there, too.
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So, the next rewatch episode will be posted on October 10, 2017?


It's a great show that maybe a lot of people never watched. Although I guess those folks would want to do a "first watch".
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I just started watching this show and have seen the first two seasons. Loved this episode, and am surprised how much I started rooting for Boyd Crowder...he is like Rorschach from the Watchmen, only not very New York...
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Well, it is a first watch for me, but I figured I'd just continue the rewatch "momentum".
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Makes sense and it's nice of you to think of other people. Beware, though, that rewatch threads allow spoilers (including very specific and important ones).

"Loved this episode, and am surprised how much I started rooting for Boyd Crowder...he is like Rorschach from the Watchmen, only not very New York..."

Boyd is a very well conceived and developed character. Like most of the villains on this show, there are likeable and even virtuous aspects of his character and there are many times when you are definitely rooting for him. But Boyd goes beyond that -- he's the complement to Raylan, the inverse. Raylan has a lot of darkness in him and there are times when Raylan acts more like a villain than a hero and, likewise, there are times when Boyd acts more like a hero than a villain. I think both characters are essentially flawed in that they are ultimately selfish. That's not the best word, but they both verge on the narcissistic. Not clinically, I don't think (although that's arguable in Boyd's case), but their decisions and worldview are intensely centered in themselves and don't much allow for other people's perspectives. They can and do love a few select other people, but always on their terms. A lot of their essential orientation and motivation has to do with rebellion against fathers and families and the straightjacket that such history and expectations create. In the end, the biggest difference between them is Raylan's embrace of the order of law and Boyd's rejection of it.
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Boyd is a fantastic character & the actor who plays him, Walton Goggins, shows how far his range really goes with his role Venus von Damme in Sons of Anarchy.
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It's nice to see Walton Goggins finally get his due. He was also terrific as Shane Vendrell on The Shield for many years. Although he so completely owns and inhabits Boyd Crowder that I will never really be able to think of him as anybody else.
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