The Adventure Zone: Ep. 16. Murder on the Rockport Limited - Chapter Seven
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In the final chapter in the Rockport Limited story arc, our heroes have little time to stop their runaway train from colliding with Neverwinter, potentially ruining some other group's D&D session. Magnus takes a tumble. Merle channels Gary Sinise. Taako does some pretty dope magical stuff.
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I can't wait to listen to this later. The Adventure Zone is probably my favorite podcast right now.
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That was a pretty good ending. The "mystery" wasn't very mysterious but it was pretty fun overall.

I'm really glad they established voices for everyone - I think it'll make things more clear going forward.

The decision to split this up with loosely-connected chapters was pretty smart, I think. It gives enough story but doesn't spool out into an impossible to follow thread. And it gives a good reason for Fantasy Costco which should keep things interesting.
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So, is Taako chaotic good or chaotic neutral? I'm thinking the latter.
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You know I can't actually remember his alignment. I was thinking it was CN but I seem to remember being annoyed that they were all good and no neutral.

Then I thought "Hm, I bet there's a wiki that would say for sure," and lo, there was a wiki.
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I am delighted to see that the wiki contains the Taco quest log.
My favourite background character quest of all time. They haven't made much progress on that recently, I hope it's not been forgotten.
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My girlfriend keeps saying, "If two years ago, you had told me I would be obsessed with a podcast in which three brothers play Dungeons and Dragons with their father, I would have said you're crazy."

But, then, this isn't just D&D. There is the casual larceny and cruelty of Taako, who will not only steal everybody's stuff while their back is turned, but then provide a magnanimous gesture of returning just enough to not help at all. There's the lunatic daredeviling of Magnus, sadly in short supply this episode. And there is the cheerful creepiness of Merle, who always seems one step away from become a happy-sounding supervillain.

I look forward to seeing what's ahead.
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The Wiki made me realize that it's been a while since Taaco's miniquest to discover the taco. That needs to come back.
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It's hilarious how Griffin ended up basically having to tell them step by step what to do in the last three episodes to finally solve the mystery. "Are you sure you want to do that?" etc.
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Listening through these (finally) at work. What made my co-workers confront me about my laughing fits was Taako's somehow completely in-character first instinct of letting a runaway train barreling into Neverwinter be "some other D&D game's problem."
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Also the wiki can say whatever it wants but Taako is Chaotic Neutral as all hell.
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