Mystery Science Theater 3000: DADDY-O
June 4, 2015 11:27 AM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

(1958, Black & White, Exploitation) A guy is forced off the road by a cocksure young lady who challenges him to a drag race, which leads to a local gang discovering his driving skills. With short ALPHABET ANTICS: A whimsical educational short for younger audiences. This episode contains the most elaborate of MST3K's end credits gags, involving a malfunctioning Button. YouTube (1h38m) First aired July 20, 1991.

Annotated MST3K - Daddy-O (the website)

IMDB (2.0 stars)
Directed by Lou Place. Written by David Moessinger. Starring Dick Contino, Sandra Giles and Bruno VeSota.
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We ARE having a show tonight! I promise to pull myself away from Splatoon for that long. The URL as usual is at, the time is 9 PM Eastern. Further details in the intro club FaMeTa post.
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I always wonder how many movies of the "Supposed Teenager with Humble Background Reveals Showbiz-Worthy Talent, Overcomes Criminality/Monsters, and Makes Good" subgenre MST3K didn't do.
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So basically this is what Initial D is based off of
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This sounds along the same lines as Girls' Town which is my Very Favorite, so I'm really hoping my kid sacks out early. Fingers crossed!
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Well, I already AM square, but I WILL be there.
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For some reason I always confuse this with The Beatniks, which stars zero beatniks! No idea why.
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