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June 4, 2015 10:50 PM - Season 3, Episode 15 - Subscribe

It's 1985: Peter goes for a walk and Olivia takes a test.
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  • God, no wonder Peter has intimacy issues.
  • Poor Olivia.
  • Walter and Walternate are not different at all, just the result of slightly different circumstances.
  • I appreciate how 1985 looks like actual 1985 and is not all leg warmers and neon. It's true to the period.
  • A field of white tulips!

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No wonder Elizabeth commits suicide, too. Imagine how guilty she must have felt, to keep up the lie for so many years. Although she winds up breaking that promise to Peter, of course.

These glimpses of the past explain a lot about Olivia's reserve/guardedness (at a personal level) and why she wound up going into a profession in which she's the person with power and authority. Not a victim. Even in 1985 she is displaying that strength.

I don't know, Walter seems kinder to me. Obviously Walternate has been changed by his experience of losing Peter, but he seems colder and more merciless already.

It does make me wonder though why Peter and Olivia don't recognise each other at all when they meet again as grownups. Not that I remember everything that happened to me when I was 11, but that was a pretty important thing for both of them.
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Well Peter seems to have forgotten his entire life in the Red Universe, probably as a response to the gas lighting from his parents, and Olivia doesn't seem to have strong memories of the cortexiphan trials, probably again due to trauma. You forget more than you think.

My mother recently found an old VHS cassette with a three hour long movie I made with friends over the course of days, and I have no recollection of any of it. Forgetting a single day in a field of flowers doesn't seem that far fetched especially when it is only significant in retrospect.
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