Adventure Time: On the Lam
June 5, 2015 3:17 AM - Season 6, Episode 41 - Subscribe

Martin rides a moth and attempts to lead the koala bear people in a rebellion.

Martin serves in a chain gang as a punishment for gambling on Lards, and gets assistance from the koala bear people during his escape, they lead him back to their home and offer him moth milk. Martin refuses and leaves on the giant moth, promising to return with proper food only to promptly sell the moth for goop money.

Martin abandons Martin II after they're spotted by guards and escapes into the regent's treasure room. He discovers the moth there and escapes into space.

Lumpy Space Person
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I was expecting lambs.

And tonight there's two episodes "Hot Diggity Doom" and "The Comet". I have high hopes for The Comet.
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I have high hopes for The Comet.

To stay on this slight derail for a bit, I have to say the description "Finn, Jake and Orgalorg converge with the comet and meet their destiny" is intriguing enough that I might have to stay up until early morning...

Also, Moynihan on today's episodes: "I hope y’all enjoy this two part collision of motifs and themes we’ve been working with for a while. I believe Season 6, more so than previous seasons, will be more illuminating when viewed as a whole."
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On other sites, people seem to think that Martin's actions show he is essentially a good person. I really think, though, that this episode shows Martin amazing ability to rationalize to himself that he's a good person.
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I'm wondering if banana guy's rocket will be involved in attempting to stop the comet, and if so, the potential risk to Jake.

In the last Cosmic Owl episode, Gunter steals the disco ball/comet from Finn's dream.
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How come there is a sudden deluge of Adventure time?
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Cartoon Network's zany scheduling.
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We're in for a long dry spell after tonight's season finale. No word on when CN will start airing season 7.
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Martin is a huge dingus. This episode seemed to mostly be about Martin at least starting to realize the hugeness of his dingushood.

I'm somehow both satisfied and unsatisfied with this episode and the finale. I guess that's life. It's been nice to holiday in a universe with a constant flood of super weird Adventure Time gooshing out faster than I can keep up with, anyway.
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Martin is the worst. And like many Martins, his greatest talent is convincing you he's actually a good guy, deep down, right before he sells the giant moth.
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I found this episode a lot more interesting after having seen how it ties in with "The Comet".

Also on second viewing I got the thing with Martin 2, that that was probably what happened when Finn was a baby too. Even down to how they show Martin 2 escaping the bad guys on his own and bringing all the food and stuff back with him and doing good for others like Finn

i thought it was funny how the moth at the bottom of the pit was eating the gold; he must have been brought to the money bin and eaten his way to the bottom. Martin's stolen riches aren't going to last.
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Somthing about Martins voice really reminds me of Clint McElroy from The Adventure Zone
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Because of the way Amazon Instant puts up shows like Adventure Time (two at a time as one "episode"), they left off this one and posted "Hot Diggity Doom/Comet."

Considering that the biggest insight from this episode that explains the next two is how Martin gets the giant moth, it wouldn't have been terrible if the AT people had put this episode in next season.
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