Veep: Testimony
June 8, 2015 5:06 PM - Season 4, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The staff gives their testimony to find out who exactly was responsible for the data breach.
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Not one ounce.
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"Playing you..."
*leans forward into the mic* "like an Xbox."
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are you going to answer every question with one word?

I am not.
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"This mouse will roar!"

Oh, I was hoping Mysterious Petite Staffer would make a reappearance but that was mostly kind of lame.

And also, Jesus: I've never heard so much nonchalant reference to scapegoating as if it were an integral part of the daily WH agenda.
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This was so good.

I have trouble watching this show in that I constantly rewind and repeat scenes. Which I always kind of regret doing, as it breaks the continuity of the viewing experience, but I can't help myself because the jokes are so good. I often find myself watching the other actors react the second time around. For example, when Kent interrupts to say that Leigh Patterson is "what Jimmy Cagney would have called a 'good kid', in my opinion", the second time around I just watched Bill Ericsson's face the whole time with his little -- but perfect -- eyeroll at the end.

This show is just like this constantly. The writing is so great, but the acting is also so great. These are all phenomenally talented comedic actors. It's amazing.

Incidentally, I had stopped watching Hannibal at the beginning of last season and only last week caught up with the show. I don't know when I started watching Veep, and maybe I just hadn't recognized Anna Chlumsky when she appeared on Hannibal, but, wow, are these two characters different. She's a very good dramatic actor, too. I never actually saw My Girl, but of course I was aware of it. She apparently stopped acting as a child actor and ended up with a BA in International Studies from Chicago, worked for a while, and then went back to acting. I expect she's got a really good ten years ahead of her in her career, until the stupid, damn bias against older women kicks in. But she's very talented and I can't imagine her not getting a lot of work in good projects. Her choices have been pretty smart, so far.
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Tall McCartney. I want that nickname.
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