The Wheel of Schlock
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Netflix has a panoply of cheap schlocky movies. Sometimes these are good, and sometimes these are terrible. The idea would be to pick out 10 or so of these, put them into a randomizer, then then watch a randomly selected one on a bi-weekly basis. Would anyone else be interested in this?
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I was just the other day thinking of asking Metafilter if anyone's seen any of those one star, star-and-a-half indie horror movies on there -- many of which, incidentally, have really cool cover art -- and if so whether any are worth a damn in a so-bad-it's-good way. I guess this is one way to find out. I'm in!
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Only ten?
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Comment substantively? Okay, this sounds like it could be a fun adjunct to our MST3K Club showings.
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So very in.
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10 was just a ballpark, more is fine. I am currently combing through the horror, sci-fi, and thriller categories on Netflix to find stuff that looks promising. If anyone has any choice titles they'd like to put into rotation then feel free to post them here.
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Yes please. Is there a club set up yet to join?
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I'd like to try to disregard certain ones that seem at first like they could fit here but actually aren't bad, and maybe the creators have since achieved some level of success with later films. Two that pop to mind are Absentia and Resolution...Their high star ratings on Netflix would probably exclude them anyway, but if you're not in the know, at first glance they really do look like any other dumb crap that Netflix probably paid $0.50 for the rights to show.

Are there others anyone can think of? Or should we just come up with a big master list and spot-check from there?
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The club is here. We'll aim for the first movie on June 22nd, and continue bi-weekly from there. I might consider live streaming the first selection once we get a pool of movies together.
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Look for Sci-Fi/SyFy Channel original films. Those things are gold mines, except for crap.
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This sounds like fun. It's too bad we can't add stuff on Roku.
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Ok, here's a list I compiled based mostly off of name recognition (as in: I can't believe they made that many of those) and cover art. I tried to filter out stuff that's clearly just weird softcore porn, although I can't guarantee anything. Feel free to make any additions. I'll figure out the best way to stream this and do that this coming Wednesday.
roll - A wizard who's been transformed into a troll attacks the residents of an apartment building, seeking a ring that will make him human again.

Demonic - When a group of teenagers loses their way in a mysterious forest, they unearth a bevy of wood nymphs who are as deadly as they are beautiful.

Hellraiser Revelations - In this ninth installment of the Hellraiser franchise, two friends discover a puzzle box in Mexico, which opens a gateway to Hell.

Leprechaun 2 - A centuries-old malevolent leprechaun is back in the big city, using his deadly charms to find and marry the girl of his nightmares.

Frogs - When a millionaire who kills any animal that moves on his island estate refuses to mend his ways, the swamp critters mete out some amphibian justice

Prophecy II - Kicked out of hell, fallen angel Gabriel continues his revolution, in which bad angels seek to destroy good ones, along with all humanity.

Age of Dinosaurs - Using breakthrough technology, a biotech firm creates a set of living dinosaurs, but the creatures escape from their museum and terrorize Los Angeles.

Neverlake - A teen visiting her estranged father in Italy stumbles upon the Neverlake, an ancient body of water said to be guarded by the spirits of the dead.

Jack Frost - When his prison transport collides with a truck full of "genetic material," killer Jack Frost is transformed into a terrifying, murderous snowman.

House of Whipcord - Using her son Mark as bait, Mrs. Wakehurst lures young, attractive women to her home and proceeds to torture them to death.

Ouija Experiment - Film student Brandon and four friends play with a ouija board, unwittingly opening a portal to the spirit world and a drowned girl's deadly mystery.

Devil's Kiss - To avenge her husband's death, raven-haired psychic Claire joins forces with a telepathic professor, a chrome-domed zombie and Satan himself.

Killer's Moon - Armed with an ax, four escaped mental patients terrorize a stranded busload of teen schoolgirls in this notorious 1970s British slasher.

Fascination - In 1916 France, a thief on the lam seeks shelter in a tiny chateau housing two seductive women -- Elisabeth and Eva -- in this erotic tale of horror.

Twixt - In this gothic horror film from Francis Ford Coppola, a has-been writer becomes embroiled in a murder mystery during a stop on his book tour.

Invasion of the Bee Girls - A government agent travels to a small town to investigate a series of mysterious murders and uncovers an otherwordly plot.

Creature - After landing on Saturn's largest moon, an American exploration team becomes the prey of a vicious alien creature intent on killing them all.

Hercules vs. The Hydra - While Hercules is away, his people and the woman he loves are killed by the king of Ecalia. Hercules learns of his wife's murder and seeks vengeance.

The Crow: Wicked Prayer - While Hercules is away, his people and the woman he loves are killed by the king of Ecalia. Hercules learns of his wife's murder and seeks vengeance.

Thor: Hammer of the Gods - Thor and his brother lead a band of Vikings on a quest to find a new settlement, but the land they discover is inhabited by werewolf-like creatures.

The Freedom of Silence - In the year 2030, Christianity has been outlawed. Two brave men hack into the government's computer system to restore religious freedom for America

Gor - When reserved academic John Cabot slips a magic ring on to his finger, he is somehow transformed into an otherworldly warrior named Tarl Cabot.
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By "this" I mean the selection process, not the film itself.
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Some of these are in the Psychotronic film guides.

Er, what happened between Hercules vs. The Hydra and The Crow: Wicked Prayer?
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I dunno man, that was just a weird direction that the Crow took. (copy and paste error)
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Good news, I found an online spinner wheel service. I like the idea of making this like a carnival game, so I'd like to stream the picking process. I think I'll do that tomorrow night, and share the archive of the stream whenever I post the thread.
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Please stand well clear of the Wheel Of Crap as it spins, centrifugal force is not your friend in this case....
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Ok, I just MeMailed everyone with a link to where I'll be streaming the selection at 9PM Eastern tonight. for anyone who didn't join the club but is interested.
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After some technical difficulties (that was my first stream on Twitch, sorry!) we've selected Killer's Moon for Monday.

From IMDB,

Four mental patients - who, due to unauthorized experiments, believe they're living in a dream and have shed all moral imperatives - escape and find their way to the nearest bus-load of stranded schoolgirls.
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Ah, excellent! See you then!
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