Orange Is the New Black: Where My Dreidel At
June 20, 2015 1:09 PM - Season 3, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Too many inmates seem to be getting religion, so a rabbi comes to visit and Leanne tries to organize Norma's followers.
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This seems a strange characterization from Leanne based on her behavior in seasons 1 and 2 - she didn't come across as particularly religious or knowledgeable about religion when 'tucky was going on her Rants and raves about Jesus...nor did she seem to have a strong bossy streak or structure requirement...but I guess shoe horning in her backstory doesn't have to take any of that into consideration this season
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Yeah, Leanne's backstory really comes out of nowhere. It's intriguing but doesn't really fit her previous characterisation. It fits well with Norma's "meditation group" so I guess they needed someone to express the spiritual significance. She does it so beautifully, and it's delightfully surprising coming from her.

I'm enjoying the story arc about the celebrity chef. I guess it's a nod at Martha Stewart?
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Yes, but with the extra cooking using 'ready' ingredients and weight and accent perhaps a bit of Sandra Lee and Paula Deen to boot.
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