Regular Show: Death Kwon Do-Livery
June 24, 2015 12:54 AM - Season 6, Episode 29 - Subscribe

The duo want to help save Death Kwon Do sensei's life.
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I absolutely loved that even the snakes had mullets.
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Death Kwon-Do has to be my favorite running gag on the show. "<Action> of Death," tickles my funny bone in exactly the right spot.

I also thought it was hilarious that Sensei thought that Mordo and Rigby were more trustworthy than Jerry-san. Then, after Jerry-san's airing of his grievances, we learn he's only worked at Death Kwon-Do Pizza and Subs for three weeks. That's why he never learned the final virtue of Death Kwan-Do.

1970s Antihero: “I absolutely loved that even the snakes had mullets.”
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