Sense8: Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes
June 30, 2015 11:18 AM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Whispers closes in on Riley. Sun gets a visit from her brother. Kala talks to Rajan. Capheus (with assists from Will and Sun) takes on the gang that's after Kabaka and his daughter. Wolfgang takes on his uncle.
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This is the first time I've seen this many main characters on a TV show walk into a suicide mission with no backup plan and escape mostly unharmed. Wolfgang finally has my attention, and Capheus is just plain amazing, as always.

I was scared out of my mind for both of them and so relieved afterwards, and caught myself holding my breath more than once.
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I think by this point I'd wished there'd been more tension between the sensates. There is one scene (not sure which episode) where it seems clear Wolfgang knows Chicago dork is a cop, and therefore he is hiding things from him and shutting him out. But it doesn't go anywhere, and I guess Wolfgang's sketchiness turns out to be that he's keeping his distance because he knows in his heart he's bad, and he'll turn into Angelus if he--

Still, it would have been nice for someone to be more distrusting and worried about the whole phenomenon, just for variety, and to give the "empathy conquers all" theme something more to conquer. They also don't seem to be big on like calling meeting, taking stock, establishing group awareness of their situation... but I guess the emphasis is on how the sensates' bond is emotional, versus the bad guys trying to exploit their bonds with evil brains and evil science.
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The show might eventually introduce some more tension between the sensates, but I think Whispers is supposed to be the exemplar of "well this whole seemingly awesome and lovey-dovey phenomenon can go horribly wrong and evil!"

I found the lack of questioning and comparative lack of being proactive about this weird thing happening to them to be kind of weird and frustrating at a lot of points. Will and Nomi were smack in the middle of the conspiracy portions of the plot, so they were actively seeking out answers. I especially liked when Will and Riley tried the phone thing, that was clever and made me wonder why they didn't all try it. I do find it kind of refreshing not to be bogged down in episodes' worth of "am I crazy??? is this really happening?!" though. It tends to bring the plot to a standstill.

As for tension between the sensates, at this point of the show, it's early days yet. It's still establishing its radical empathy premise, plus, I think that in-universe, not much time has passed. If the show started with a Pride parade in SF (typically the last weekend of June), continued through the Fourth of July (the scene where Will watches the fireworks with Sun and Capheus) and continues a few days past that in the final couple episodes, it's only been 2-3 weeks or so for all of them. And it's been a stressful and eventful 2-3 weeks for all of them, totally aside from the surprise psychic bond business! They've had a lot of shit to deal with.

Certainly the seeds for possible discord or distrust of the sensate phenomenon have been planted already though. That other sensate told Riley that love within a cluster was "pathological and narcissistic," and I can also see some of them growing uncomfortable with the thought/possibility of their individual self being subsumed into the whole of the cluster. And a lot of what they know about being a sensate is via what Will learned from Jonas, whose trustworthiness is questionable.
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That other sensate told Riley that love within a cluster was "pathological and narcissistic," and I can also see some of them growing uncomfortable with the thought/possibility of their individual self being subsumed into the whole of the cluster.

Not to mention the romantic notes, considering the Wolfgang/Kala and Will/Riley flirtations, plus that random Lito/Wolfgang/Will/Nomi sex(?) scene... there's a lot that can get tangled in there.
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Maybe an obvious gag, but, the Capheus's van swinging around so that the painted Van Damme leg knocked the guy off his motorcycle, was awesome.
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I thought it was awesome that the terrible bad guys got killed off by a woman. This is one of the best fight scenes I've seen.
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All of the fight scenes are so amazing.
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