Defiance: Dead Air
July 1, 2015 7:12 AM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The geography of Defiance is permanently altered and Nolan and Amanda depart for a possible E-Republic trove of weapons. Meanwhile, the Tars continue to find themselves forced follow the bidding of General Rahm Tak who keeps their son his hostage.
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T'evkin is fascinating, and he will destroy everyone and everything.

It makes me wonder what would have happened if Nolan had shot him in the initial confrontation.
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He's definitely the most interesting villain this season compared to General Tak, who's a bit less complex to say the least. I'm definitely curious as to the ramifications of him knowing the truth behind Stahma's attempt to kill him. Granted, I kind of had to suspend my own disbelief that Stahma knew the physiology of a near mystical member race of the Votan Collective. By all accounts, it seems the Omecs pretty much always took names and kicked butts in every encounter with the other alien races.

Always a sore point for me is when you see a collection of humanity, be it art or DNA of all the animals, etc, blown up and lost. Argh. Getting the weapons would have made Defiance's position and safety less of a concern, so for that storyline it was a good decision to remove them from the conversation.

The Nolan/Irisa connection. Are we going to find out they can't be separated for long by X amount of distance? Did the lifepod do more than just keep them alive? Hrm. the cold.
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It'd be fun if her concoction didn't work because it was based on old Omec poetry -- it's like she decided to poison a human with some eye of newt. But seriously, T'evkin says it didn't work because he's too old for it to work -- so she could use it on his daughter, perhaps, but not on him.

And she's way too smart to use it on his daughter now that she knows he knows she knows that... <-- urg, got caught up in the labyrinth that is Stahma's mind there, for a second.
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Was it his age, or was it keeping the truth of his physiology secret that has allowed him to live so long?
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Yo, yo. So we're two episodes behind, but there hasn't been a large turn out this year in discussion so far. Are folks still interested in continuing the conversation? If so, I'm happy to keep posting, just let me know!
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I'll take the three seasons we got. The Fanfilter response to the show kind of indicated the worse might happen.
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Well, shit. I didn't know I should have been worried about that!
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