Defiance: The Broken Bough
June 24, 2015 8:34 AM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Irisa's continuing struggle with killing results in grave consequences when she and Nolan scout out the Votan Collective force set on destroying Defiance. The Tars continue their espionage activities, while more clues are provided as to why the ark vessels of the Omec failed to escape the dying Votan system.

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I was confused by Nolan's line to Irisa when she asked about Pilar - was he concealing the fact that he'd shot her dead when Irisa was down trying to sabotage the tank? Or was I not paying close enough attention to the screen, and Pilar got away wounded?
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I think Nolan wasn't confident he had killed her and wasn't necessarily trying to obscure the fact he shot her. I think to both of them, it was established that she was lying to them and by that point, was more than happy to pull a weapon on them with an intent to use it. While Irisa is still gun shy (will she overcome that as the season progresses or is this the new normal?), I doubt she had the same feelings about the killing as she did about what's his name last episode.

I was terribly disappointed when Irisa balked with the VC general, but at least it's true to her current character. There's going to be a growing clash between her and Nolan, wherein, she wants to be the daughter she was to him, but obviously, cannot be in dangerous situations. He may have phrased it better than scolding her as unreliable, but he was being direct. I definitely enjoyed the small scene with Nolan reading the book at the beginning of the episode.

Overall, I have to appreciate where they're taking Irisa. She feels guilty for the deaths of not just hundreds of thousands of people (New York), but also for someone who was extremely dear to her (Tommy). That she has grown an aversion to killing is unsurprising and a nice bit of character development.

Stahma and the Omec. She's playing ultimate Stahma, but gosh, I get creeped out by the vibe going on there. Additionally, I don't know if the invoked racial imagery of the "black" race enslaving the "white" race is creative or too simple an attempt at thrills.

Who thinks Alac is going to somehow end up stabbing the General with his father's knife or be stabbed by it?

It's interesting that the Omec were so obviously hated that the other Votan races pretty much sent Indogene (sp?) spies into the Omec arks to sabotage them. They saw their chance to wipe out an entire race that threatened them and ran with it. While I don't expect the Omecs to be a permanent addition, it'll be interesting to see how close the two can come to reviving their people.
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