The Adventure Zone: Ep. 18. Petals to the Metal - Chapter One
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In this first chapter in a new Adventure Zone story, Merle, Taako and Magnus are in hot pursuit of a master criminal in the metropolitan city of Goldcliff. Can they stop The Raven before her crime spree tears the town apart? I don't know, because we haven't finished playing this part of the campaign yet. Magnus does some chopping. Taako learns to Nightcrawl. Merle has a genuinely upsetting encounter with some vines.
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Have heard the whole thing yet, but I loved the part where Magnus rushes into chopping off the vines... And then when he talks in the next bit, makes his voice sound far away.
posted by drezdn at 1:30 PM on July 2, 2015

I'm so glad the brothers invited their dad to play in this because without him, we would have never got to hear the brothers get squicked out by Merle's attempts to seduce the vines.
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I love Griffin gamely still DMing through the upset of Merle's vine seduction. Our heroes are really gaining some cool tricks, and it makes all the action more fun. I am so hoping that Steven the fish has some crucial role to play in this story.
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Steven might just get Aeris'd at some point, though I hope not.

Also, Pa MacElroy made a guest appearance on a recent Things I Bought At Sheetz, which was fun.
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I love that Merle decided on being a nature-domain cleric because that's what my level 1 cleric is over on prizebulloctorok's campaign, and it's cool to see the spells that I'll have available as I level up.
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and it's cool to see the spells that I'll have available as I level up.

Be careful, IIRC, Merle sometimes tries to cast spells he shouldn't/wouldn't know.
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