The Adventure Zone: Ep. 19. Petals to the Metal - Chapter Two
July 16, 2015 3:34 PM - Subscribe

Our heroes attempt to reconcile with Trent the Treant; a task made difficult by the fact that one of them just cut him in half. After that, buckle up y'all, because it's ELEVATOR TIME. YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH ELEVATORS. Merle befriends a crowbar. Taako does a rope trick. Magnus holds on for dear lives.
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The first chapter was OK but holy cow this one was magnificent. Trent's conversation, the crowbar, the extended riff on storytelling... And then a great cliffhanger.
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Worth it for Merle using CB lingo.
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holy cow this one was magnificent

Yeah, this was straight aces. Best of the series, I think. And the ending! I mean, daaaaang. Good job, adventure zone.

(I did want Merle to say "It's-a me, Merle!" as he ran up the bank's steps. I guess every podcast must have a flaw in order to remind us that only God is perfect.)
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