Mystery Science Theater 3000: GAMERA VS. GUIRON
July 9, 2015 2:03 AM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

(1969, Color, Kaiju, Monster, Japanese, Gamera, Sandy Frank, Cornjob) aka "Attack Of The Monsters" "Will Gamera be a super turtle or turtle soup?" A pair of boys is taken away by two scantly-clad alien ladies to their home planet -- but they plan to eat their brains! To rescue the kids, Gamera will have to fight the inexplicable Guiron, a monster with a big knife blade for a forehead. If Gamera vs. Gaos is the best Gamera movie taken on its own terms, this one is, by far, the most entertaining one in an episode of MST3K. With a goofy enemy monster, Gamera doing many blatantly absurd things like gymnastics, and a character who's name sounds all the world like Cornjob, it's an awesome episode overall and excellent fun even for newbies. And it's the episode that gives us the Gamera Fight Song! It is fourth of the Gamera movies suffered by the crew of the SOL, and the sixth Sandy Frank movie. One Gamera film, and two other Sandy Frank films, remain. YouTube (1h37m) KTMA Original! (YouTube, 1h33m)

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IMDB (3.6 stars)
"Aliens kidnap two children and take them to another planet for the purpose of getting knowledge from their brains, but Gamera follows and tries to rescue them."
Directed by Noriaki Yuasa. Written by Niisan Takahashi. Starring Nobuhiro Kajima, Mikuki Akiyama and Christopher Murphy.
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Please join us for our community showing of MST3K episode 312, GAMERA VS. GUIRON! Today (Thursday) at 9 PM Eastern Time (6 PM Pacific), at Best viewed on a Flash-capable platform.

Here is more information on the weekly showings of the FanFare MST3K Club.
posted by JHarris at 2:06 AM on July 9, 2015

to the tune of 'Karma Chameleon'
Gamera Gamera Gamera Gamera Gamera versus Guiron!!!
posted by oneswellfoop at 2:36 AM on July 9, 2015

If you see only one Gamera movie mocked by puppets, make Gamera vs Guiron your choice!
posted by Pope Guilty at 3:40 AM on July 9, 2015 [1 favorite]

I have something special lurking waiting for you guys before the movie this time....
posted by JHarris at 5:35 AM on July 9, 2015

I'm going to see Rifftrax riff Sharknado 2 tonight; if I get back early enough, I'll join you for the end of the movie.

Hello. Thank you.
posted by wittgenstein at 7:17 AM on July 9, 2015

Dammit I just got the Gamera theme song out of my head a few weeks ago.
posted by beowulf573 at 8:18 AM on July 9, 2015

cornjob OR "corn job"
posted by CheesesOfBrazil at 9:58 AM on July 9, 2015

I have something special lurking waiting for you guys before the movie this time....
Is 5½ hours too early?
posted by oneswellfoop at 12:28 PM on July 9, 2015

Yep, I still gotta get some work done first foop.

I've just been informed that there is now an official 24-hours streaming MST3K channel on!
posted by JHarris at 12:44 PM on July 9, 2015

I hope everyone sees this quickly....

The room silently crashed, it seems, I had to reload and apparently everyone's been dumped, apparently without telling anyone. Try coming back into the room.
posted by JHarris at 6:17 PM on July 9, 2015

You know, it just dawned on me how weird this film is.
posted by TheWhiteSkull at 8:08 PM on July 9, 2015 [1 favorite]

It's a calamity!
posted by tomboko at 8:33 PM on July 9, 2015

It went pretty well despite getting started a little late 'cause I had drifted off a minute or two before start time, heh.

Pre-roll material was the amazing and ridiculous STARCRASH, which I wonder to this day how it escaped the MST3K treatment, and a new playlist over over a hundred bad movie trailers, which I look forward to inflicting on viewers for weeks to come.
posted by JHarris at 2:38 AM on July 10, 2015

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