Shameless (US): Simple Pleasures
July 9, 2015 8:18 AM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

At the beginning of season 4, Debbie is a surly teenager, Lip is starting college, Fiona and Mike are adjusting to their new relationship, V finds out she’s pregnant, and Ian is missed.

Debbie’s rebellion against Fiona had started to show more and more during season 3, and now it’s in full swing. Debbie is hanging out with Holly (now played by Danika Yarosh, replacing Dove Cameron from Season 2) and Ellie (who’s pregnant). Holly and Ellie are pressuring Debbie to have sex. Debbie starts dating Matty.

After the police find Frank and bring him home, Carl begs Fiona to let him stay. Fiona says only if Carl takes care of him — “he’s your puppy.”

Frank has things in his throat that bleed if he swallows alcohol. He tries to drink a beer after spraying Pam into his mouth, but that doesn’t work. He has Carl help him with a different way to get alcohol into his system.

Lip realizes that his idea of a good paper gets a D in college. (It’s not clear which college he’s going to, but it seems to be local — not MIT, the one he got into in the finale of the last season.)

Fiona and her boyfriend/boss, Mike, have sex for the first time, after waiting a while. Mike wants to know if there’s anything else he can do for her afterwards. Fiona finds that kind of funny but says she’s fine.

V’s mom, Carol, keeps asking for money from V and Kev. Kev says Carol will have to have the baby at home, since they recently realized she doesn’t have health insurance. When V finds out she’s pregnant, she asks her mom to get an abortion, and Carol is offended.

Carl is masturbating 9 times a day. Frank has some masturbation advice for Carl, including doing it while Frank isn't in the room ... but he's always in the room.

The Gallaghers aren’t sure why Sheila keeps stopping by, but they’re not complaining, since she brings food and cleans their laundry.

Mickey asks around about Ian’s whereabouts, while acting like he doesn’t care. Later, Mickey tries to masturbate to a photo of Ian, but erupts in anger and punches the mirror over the sink. Mickey's wife, Svetlana, walks in and sees her fragmented reflection in the mirror.

Kevin finds Stan, the owner of the Alibi, dead. (Jack Carter, who played Stan, died last month at the age of 93.)
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The first scene of this season, where Fiona and Debbie try to use the bathroom mirror at the same time, might have been inspired by a scene in the great 1934 comedy It’s a Gift, where W.C. Fields's character and his daughter both try to use a bathroom mirror.
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Thanks for posting these again!

My hunch is that Philip is going to Univ. of Chicago although it's not explicitly stated.
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I finally noticed that the signs on Lip's campus say "Chicago Polytechnic" — a fictional school. (If you Google that, you'll see most of the results are about Shameless.) It's hard to believe he would have gone to that school after getting into MIT. It would have made more sense for him to go to U of C or Northwestern, but the show probably didn't want to have to worry about raising the ire of a specific university for showing anything inaccurate or derogatory about the school.
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