Shameless (US): My Oldest Daughter
August 1, 2015 6:43 PM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Frank tells Carl his liver has “finally given up.” “No more alcohol. Just drugs — whatever you can get me.” Carl tries to find drugs and a liver transplant for Frank.

Carl does some detective work to find out that Fiona has the same blood type as Frank. But Fiona shoots down Carl’s plan: “He drank through the liver that he had, and he wrecked it! And now he wants to wreck mine. No way.” That's OK — Frank will ask his “oldest daughter, Samantha” (Sammi).

Mike, as Fiona’s boss, gives her some great sales opportunities. But when he puts on his “boyfriend hat,” he’s concerned that she’s been lying to him — about relatively minor things like whether she’s going to call later. Fiona doesn’t see why it’s a big deal, but Mike says: “Promise me you’re not going to lie.” Fiona promises she’ll “try not to lie,” although she also points out that her promise could be just one more lie.

Kevin inherits the Alibi from Stan. Stan wrote his son out of his will based on homophobia, but Stan’s son cuts a deal with Kevin. Kevin realizes the bar isn’t doing as well as he thought.

V found out she was pregnant in the previous episode, but in this episode she finds out she has triplets on the way. She tells Kev: “You better get a ski mask and a getaway car, ‘cause that’s they only way we’re gonna be able to afford 4 babies.”

Debbie goes to Matt’s house for the first time. Debbie goes through his wallet and finds a condom and his ID — he’s 20. Debbie reveals she’s only 13. Matt responds: “Like, years old? Wow … OK, cool.” (He was introduced as “Matty” in the previous episode, but I’m going to call him “Matt” because that’s what he’s called in later episodes.)

Lip gets extra credit and scores — unfortunately, not with the same person who gave him the extra credit.
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