Mystery Science Theater 3000: MIGHTY JACK
July 23, 2015 2:57 AM - Season 3, Episode 14 - Subscribe

(1968, Color, Japanese, Spies) The only people who can hope to win against "the organization known as Q" is Mighty Jack, a bunch of action spies in a flying submarine. I think. Despite several viewings I don't think I've ever managed to pay complete attention throughout the entire episode. The movie is amazingly lacking in cohesiveness, in large part because it's really the first and last episodes of a Japanese TV spy show tacked together. For Fugitive Alien and Time Of The Apes at least some editing was done for continuity, but not here. I don't recommend this one to casual viewers. Treat Mighty Jack with respect, or Mighty Jack will destroy you. YouTube (1h38m) Premiered September 21, 1991.

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K14 MIGHTY JACK ( KTMA episode on YouTube)
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IMDB (1.5 stars) - IMDB: Japanese TV show (3.7 stars)
"Espionage team 'Mighty Jack,' headquartered on a flying submarine, opposes the plans of Q, which is trying to take over the world using... um... ice that doesn't melt."
Directed by Kazuho Mitsuta. Written by Shin'ichi Sekizawa and Eizaburo Shiba. Starring Hideaki Nitani, Naoko Kubo and Hiroshi Minami.
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Our club showing of Mighty Jack will, as usual, be at, at 9 PM Eastern time, on Thursday (today).

Information on our weekly showings of Mystery Science Theater 3000 can be found here.
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This week's event should be catered by this guy. But the "late night munchie meals" are only available after 9PM LOCAL time and most of the JitB locations are in the Pacific time zone. Still, if you'd like an alternative to the usual pre-roll "intermission" films, may I suggest some of this and this and these.
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I feel like I say this about every Sandy Frank episode, but this movie makes no sense. If you could have something make negative sense, this would be it.
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Aaaaah, it was just as bad as I remembered it. Tough going, but most of us pulled through.

Next week is 315 TEENAGE CAVEMAN, with shorts AQUATIC WIZARDS and, one of the best shorts I think, CATCHING TROUBLE, starring the reprehensible Ross Allen. G'night everyone!
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Total experience points for this movie was 14,000. (I'm starting to note experience point awards here. This is high, but people in the thread it should be worth 75 million. This is not a Monty Haul campaign.)
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Hmmm, depends on where your levels are set, I think? My understanding is that newer editions have very different XP requirements from 1E/2E.
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Well I've gone by the experience list a Named Levels, which is based off of first edition D&D. But there's also the fact that we have a lot of these to get through, and don't want everyone outleveling the dungeon. have I overthought this joke a tad? naaaaaah...
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