The Adventure Zone: Ep. 20. Petals to the Metal - Chapter Three
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In this installment, the question isn't 'Will our heroes survive,' it's, 'What's going to kill them first?' Our money's on either the elevator shaft full of sentient vines, or the godlike criminal waiting for them at the top of said shaft. Magnus has an embarrassing pants accident. Taako runs out of juice. Merle goes walking in Memphis.
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Another great episode... I really hope we actually get to meet Elfis at some point.
posted by kmz at 6:22 AM on July 31, 2015

With the teaser at the beginning (Griffin saying something like "Goonies never say die, but DMs do!") and how much everyone bit it at the end, I was pretty worried we were going to see some new characters being rolled next ep. Especially when Magnus decided to charge the Raven with two of his homies down for the count.
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I was worried that Griffin had let the party meet the Big Bad to early, but it all worked out.
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Griffin seemed pretty cazj about laying Merle and Taako flat-out, so I figured he had something up his sleeves. It's great narrative structure - teasing the boss battle before it really goes down. They are going to need some solid buffs to challenge the Raven though, or maybe she gets nerfed somehow? Do we know if Griffin is writing this himself, or if it's a published campaign setting?
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The general belief is that everything after the first story is pure Griffin.
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