Star Trek: Bread and Circuses   Rewatch 
August 1, 2015 6:52 AM - Season 2, Episode 25 - Subscribe

The Enterprise investigates the disappearance of the SS Beagle and discover a planet modeled after a modern version of the Roman Empire where the crew must participate in brutal gladiatorial games.

"Bread and Circuses" was first broadcast on March 15, 1968. It is episode #54, production #43, written by Gene Roddenberry and Gene L. Coon and directed by Ralph Senensky. Its name is a reference to the phrase "bread and circuses" taken from the Satire X written by the poet, Juvenal. In modern usage, the phrase implies a populace that no longer values civic virtues, the public life, and military (manly) service; instead, the people need only food and entertainment.

Memory Alpha Link's
mostly positive review.

The episode can be viewed on Netflix and YouTube.
posted by Benway (2 comments total)
If they refuse to move out on cue, screw them!
posted by wittgenstein at 9:28 AM on August 1, 2015

Not Kirk's finest hour. The mission failed to save any of the SS Beagle's surviving crew (I guess we're meant to understand that any who didn't die already in the arena are now acting as Roman-law-following slave-owners, so whatever?), and got Flavius killed. Not to mention Kirk's having sex with a slave, that was pretty low.

Some good Spock+McCoy scenes, though. I feel like there's a glimmer of a good episode in here, but the writing doesn't get it all the way there. I wonder if it would have been better if they'd been able to focus more on the network-television satire?
posted by oh yeah! at 7:41 AM on August 2, 2015

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