Angel: I Fall to Pieces   Rewatch 
August 6, 2015 7:09 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

A standard monster-of-the-week investigation pits Angel against a stalker who can detach various body parts. Ew.

One of the best lines of the series: "I’ve always meant to do that, but I intensely don’t want to, so I haven’t gotten around to it yet."

One of the groaniest lines of the series: "I’m weak? Then how was it I killed him?"
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This one REALLY creeped me out at the time, and the main bad guy's "death" was horrific! I always kinda expected him to pop back up someday.
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I always kinda expected him to pop back up someday.

Him and the Invisible Girl (especially during this whole Initiative season over on BTVS).
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There's a lot here about jobs and money and responsibility and obligation. Should we charge for helping others? What should we ask for? If the surgeon saves your sight, are you obligated to go out with him? Is that the same thing as asking for payment upon saving?

The villain here is super, super creepy, agreed. The eye detachment gets me in a visceral way. I'm too phobic even to put in eye drops. The eye stuff is creepy, but the stalking is creepier.

There's some effective dialogue about stalking and abuse, particularly Kate's, here: "This guy could go to jail tomorrow, Angel, and still kill her in her dreams every night. I’ve put a few of these creeps away and the hardest thing is to know that he is still winning. She’s still afraid. He took her power away and no one can get it back for her but her." Also, Angel describing Angelus' psychology here: “It’s not about Melissa, it’s about rage. This guy is too messed up to deal with a real woman and he can’t stand that. So he creates a fantasy about a girl he barely knows. But eventually even she fails him. So he has to hurt her, because when he looks at her all he sees is how useless he is, how damaged..” The fight at the end is almost immaterial after Melissa stands up to her stalker.

Cordy: “So he is good at the cutting and the sewing. Did he ever strike you as a big dangerous creep?”
Nurse: “What? What kind of article are you writing?”
Cordelia's interviewing skills have not improved significantly from Earshot.

Angel's solution as to how to kill the doctor is very reminiscent of dealing with The Judge, locking all the body parts up in their own metal boxes.
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