Killjoys: Come The Rain
August 7, 2015 2:08 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Isolated due to toxic Black Rain, John must stop a criminal operation, while a trapped D’avin and Dutch must face what happened between them.
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This was another great episode, and I love, love, LOVE, Dutch and Johnny's relationship. Did I see a spark between Johnny and Pawter ?
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So this was the emotional labour issue of Killjoys, and I was really happy to see it. I really like the pacing of the series so far. I was really concerned they were going to drag things out, but nope, that doesn't seem to be the intention. They're really taking a bull-by-the-horns approach to the problems they confront.

This also gave us some pairings we haven't really seen before. Elvis and John and Elvis and the doctor. Again this is all good, and necessary for the show to really develop.

Now on the tiny little distracting element: does Aaron Ashmore have two slightly different coloured eyes, or did they just switch his contacts up? TIn that scene in the bar where he's talking about how he's not going to be fixing things anymore his right eye seemed to be glowing blue, and it had a different hue and intensity from his left eye. Was this just a trick of the lighting? Are they trying to imply that it's an after effect of the rain? Or something else?
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I do like how they handled the fallout of the last couple episodes. Both the brother-sister-ish relationship between Dutch and Johnny and Dutch's confused ambivalence about D'avin feel like emotionally honest takes and are both pretty unusual on TV. I was a little underwhelmed by the reveal that Pawter's a drug addict (though, given the throwaway line that her family has kept her supplied with drugs, I'm kinda curious what that family relationship is like) because it felt like the most obvious, most generic "dark secret" she could have that would keep her out in the boonies, but they still handled it pretty well.

That truth-or-dare thingamabobber must be a big hit at parties.

Didn't notice anything about Aaron Ashmore's eyes...AFAIK both he and Shawn have ordinary blue eyes.
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Screencap (although it may not be the best shot) of the difference in colour.
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This was a solid episode -- not great or anything, but in a way that bodes well in my opinion because while the every-once-in-a-while very good episode surrounded by crap can get you by for a while, overall quality is revealed by the average quality of the episodes which aren't exceptionally good. This was proven true earlier in the season when those average episodes were pretty bad. But now I'm thinking they've moved up to a higher plateau of quality, which I think is very encouraging for the health of the show overall.

Interestingly, although I haven't checked the ratings, I'm seeing numerous signs that Dark Matter is a notably more popular show than this one. Which is weird to me, as I think this is (now) clearly the better show, although Dark Matter has been improving, too.
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This may be the better show but I am slightly more interested in DM. Lacking time to watch both off my tivo I watched DM first, for example. I am unsure what I'd pick if I had to choose but the reveals in DM have me a little more inclined to keep up with it.

Add me to the list of those who like the way they handle things. The realization that Dutch and Dapostrophe had that they could just break the gadget was a good one, for example. Cute and they didn't feel the need to overly explain it. "Wait, John would never do something that would put us in danger that we couldn't get out of! We can just break it!" Etc.

Did I see a spark between Johnny and Pawter ?

I found their connection about a hundred times more believable than this one we kept getting told there was between Dutch and Dapostrophe. Which also goes well with the John & broken projects thing.
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Hey Ivan, I know I'm late to the party - but Dark Matter's ratings aren't much higher than Killjoys's, and in fact has come in a little under Killjoys these past two episodes.
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