Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sex Education
August 10, 2015 11:48 PM - Season 2, Episode 24 - Subscribe

This week.... The Republican debates happened, and one of the debators was Donald Trump. The Indian government blocks a few hundred adult websites, provoking outrage throughout the nation. Whole Foods comes under fire for their ludicrously high prices, including a plastic cup of water with two asparagus stalks soaking in it selling for $5.99. Last Week Tonight made a commercial on behalf of Whole Foods, apologizing for their prices. Main story: Sex education in the United States. LWT presented a small educational piece with famous faces providing some rudimentary sexual information. YouTube (21m)

Websites blocked by the nation of India read out loud by John Oliver, visit at your own risk:

Selected other websites visible in the pictures, which presumably also exist. There is a strong emphasis in the later pics of "mature" women sites, which I guess were singled out by India for some reason:

Whole Foods: Gentrification in edible form
Whole Foods: An elaborate practical joke that got really out of hand
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brb need to update my Laverne Cox/Aisha Tyler slashfic
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Jonathan Banks!
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"Those 30-year-old actors dressed like teenagers from the '90s make some very good points."
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I loved the line that consent is like boxing, if the both of you haven't completely agreed to do this before hand, one of you is committing a crime
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America is terrifying
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Thanks for this - I just signed a permission slip for my kid's catholic abstinence-only slip and debated sitting him out on the objection that it wasn't informative enough (the objection box was that it was too much) but he was mortified already. This will make a pretty decent tv night conversation starter that I can get them to watch and talk about what the schools teach.

And now I want to go bowling.
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I loved the line that consent is like boxing, if the both of you haven't completely agreed to do this before hand, one of you is committing a crime

My four year old son is lately having an issue where he really, really, really wants to hug people, and sometimes the people he wants to hug don't want a hug from him at that moment. I've been telling him "It's only a hug if everyone wants to be hugging. If you try to hug someone who doesn't want to be hugged, it isn't a hug, it's an attack."

Hopefully it gets through!
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I remember growing up on the west coast 20-30 years ago having very thorough sex ed every year from 5th to 8th grade.

Then I switched from public to private school for high-school and there was NO sex ed. It was fucking bizarre, people didn't understand even the basic terminology of their own bodies and tons of girls got pregnant and there was an epidemic of pelvic inflammatory disease. It was awful.

This was before the 'abstinence only' movement had taken hold and I remember thinking "how archaic and monstrous this all is, thank heaven we're moving away from this ignorance" 20 years later this moronic nonsense is more prevalent than ever.
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What I don't get about "sex ed" is don't they cover stuff like anatomy, pregnancy, etc. in biology? We did stuff like puberty and hygiene and safe sex in "health class".
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Well that was my favorite episode as it also addressed the sex education in India which is like soccer in USA. In india local central govt is also intereted to blog this video which we won't let the. Here is the link to all who wants to see it - YT
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