Under the Dome: Plan B
August 14, 2015 6:44 AM - Season 3, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Julia attempts to alter Barbie's allegiances while Eva learns she's pregnant with the future kinship leader. [EW]

[took notes]
-Christine calls on the kinship to attack the Aktaion stronghold where Julia, Big Jim, Hunter, Norrie and Joe have been hiding out but they've transferred to the (abandoned?) town funeral parlor. [note: another house up in flames with no consequences]
-Eva is pregnant by Barbie, it's the new Monarch or Queen Bee or something; Christine is having stomach pains.
-At Big Jim's suggestion, Joe and Norrie go to the library to find books on sound waves and they run into Sam who helps them escape.
-Julia wants another go at deprogramming Barbie and they meet in the woods but this time Julia is prepared.
-Christine leads Junior to the Dome wall; it's calcifying and shutting down. She needs Joe (?).
-Julia tries her best on Barbie, with the aid of a car battery, but it's no use. He eventually escapes.
-More Christine/Junior sex. She intimates that she will not be there much longer [?] but promises Junior "many mates". He has his eye on a girl that he knew from high school who ignored him. [Angie who? Anyway, it's Junior, he's not into "many mates", he's gonna obsess about one girl]
-The new Bad Guy at Aktaion is discussed. Hunter calls him a muppet.
-Eva is introduced to her creepy midwife because the baby will be here before you know it.
-Joe, looking at Christine's plan with Sam, thinks the Dome can be destroyed from the inside... frequency...amplification...Ella Fitzgerald... glass.
-Sam looks in the mirror. Uh-oh.
-Hunter and Norrie apologise to each other for the roof thing.
-Eva is now super-powered and attacks Big Jim who dared to return to "his" Town Hall for [reason]
-Christine leads Junior to [place] where the Women in White are waiting for Eva. Junior's new mate is one of them. Christine shuts the door on him. [Big mistake, Christine. Big. Huge.]
-Sam knocked out Joe and turned him over to the kinship.
-Barbie has been chasing Julia all over the woods until dark. He finally catches her, puts a gun to her head. She tells him, I love you. He converts. Barbie's back, you guys!

Best quote, Big Jim to Julia on the walkie-talkie: "John to Yoko"

EW recap
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AV recap now up.
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Once again, the kinship burns down a perfectly good house while they all sleep in tents.

The scooby gang finds out Christine wants to build a device to take down the dome. No one questions this at any point and they also try to find a way to take down the dome. So Joe is going to take down the dome, let the kinship escape, and Zenith gets infected. Great plan, kid.

Big Jim encouraging them to check out the local library was a really odd moment. A "One to Grow On" moment delivered by the drunken murderer of the group.
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So normally I watch this episode while having dinner. And at the end of that episode I am physically ill, about to vomit. Maybe I just had one slice of pizza too many. But really, Julia brings Barbie back with the power of lurve, her magic redhead spit-swapping brings him to his senses? After the battery shocks and emotional cruelty and so many threatened killings? A dorky little kiss? I mean, not even a quick handjob or something? Ugh.

The bit in the library was like a 1980s After School Special. "Defeat the oxycontin zombies with the Power of Reading!". Only in Stephen King's mirrorverse the oxycontin zombies are already in the library, flinging their zombie fists through the stacks. And the Mystery Machine gang is incredibly dumb to fall for Sam once again. Maybe Beanpole should have swapped some spit with him to bring him around first.

I did like the scene with the Cougar MILF sucking Junior's vital essence from his penis to heal her septic abdomen. Finally, spunky Junior is good for something! The midwive apostles were appropriately creepy, as was Junior's impotent sense of possession over one of the chattel. Perhaps this whole episode is going to turn out to be a viral hitpiece to discredit Planned Parenthood.
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I was hoping they were going to go with a bleak Julia finally hopelessly shooting Barbie. No such luck.

Hunter's awfully mobile and chipper for someone who (a) broke his back what, 24 hours ago? and (b) is off painkillers because pain makes you human, man.

Eva seems remarkably unconcerned about WHAT THE HELL IS GROWING IN ME THAT I'M GOING TO BIRTH IT A DAY AFTER CONCEPTION. You'd think that bit of body horror would be sufficient emotion to break the kinship's spell on her.
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Best moment: Barbie gets a syringe jab to the back of the neck!

Loved the "John to Yoko" line, hilarious.

Um... I thought Junior and Christine had sex, fyi. Don't suppose it matters.

FREAKY CULT WIVES ALL DRESSED IN WHITE HOLDING CANDLES. Creepy. And Christine's line, "Don't worry, she won't feel a thing" was a nice bit of writing there. Wait- feel a thing? IS THAT MONSTER BABY GOING TO EAT THE CULT MIDWIVES?

More silliness. It has moved at a clip these last few episodes, though.

Stephen King does not even watch this.
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I bet he still cashes the checks, though.
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"Defeat the oxycontin zombies with the Power of Reading!"

I swear I came here to say that I think I was done with the dome but now I remember why I watch. I would love to see Dean Norris in something good again, though.


Wait, her name is Eva, not Ava? As in, Eve? Do not test me, dome. I'm not always this sentimental.
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The subtitles say "Eva" and everyone pronounces it "Ava". It's really distracting if you watch with closed captioning on.
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