Killjoys: Escape Velocity
August 21, 2015 12:27 PM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

SEASON FINALE. Tensions on Westerley boil over when the Company arrests a friend close to the Killjoys. As peace in the Quad hangs in the balance, the Killjoys are finally compelled to choose a side.
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I'm halfway through and chewing on my knuckles - this had better get renewed! It's so much fun, a short sharp romp with three characters that make sense in their relationships together and separately. SO GOOD
posted by dorothyisunderwood at 9:40 PM on August 21, 2015

I guess they figured, either they'll get renewed and get the budget to pay for some new sets, or they won't get renewed, so either way, might as well nuke everything!

Definitely hoping they get that renewal.
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Wow, what a season finale. Great setup for next season, which just has to happen !!!
posted by Pendragon at 2:43 PM on August 22, 2015

I can't believe it's over. Boy that was a short run. And I hate cliffhangers, especially when we don't know what that fate of future seasons will be.
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I loved that episode. After the pilot I called this "Burn Notice in space." However, it's developed a metaplot and a larger mystery that enhances everything rather than weighing it down (as the Burn Notice metaplot seemed to weigh everything down at the end). I'm definitely in for another season.
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Happily, it's been renewed!
posted by mstokes650 at 3:58 PM on September 1, 2015

Just finished Season 1 on Australian Netflix and, wow, that was great. Looks like the DVD of Season 2 will be out on April 26th here, hopefully Netflix will soon follow.

Reminds me of some of C.J. Cherryh's space opera novels in tone, theme and characterization. She had a good line in asteroid/fringe dwellers in jeopardy and deeply conflicted officers being tempted to do the right thing.

Eventually got over Troy (was that his name?) from Veronica Mars turning out to be such a mensch, people can surprise you if you give them a chance, I guess.
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