The Adventure Zone: Ep. 22. Petals to the Metal - Chapter Five
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Our heroes attempt a sneaking mission to retrieve a vital Battlewagon component, and end up doing something ghoulish that they'll have to keep secret forever. Also, a beloved character returns. Merle saves his heals. Taako grows a third eye. Magnus clefts.
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What a shocking twist!
posted by drezdn at 7:24 PM on August 27, 2015

I like the sort of running gag of the adventurers creating post hoc justifications for why it was ok that they harmed certain NPCs.
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I'm only halfway through this one.

I liked the Parappa the Rapper reference early

I'm looking forward to the shocking twist though!

Also I keep giggling on the bus listening to this. That's probably bad.
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What a shocking twist
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They can remember who Klarg was after all these months, but can't remember Taaco's subquest to discover how to make a taco?
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Merle hinted at it an episode or two back when they were discussing Pringles.
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There's an Adventure Zone wiki! I had no idea who Klarg was.
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But he's a fan favorite! (I had to look him up too)
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Klarg! I hope our heroes remember that Klarg was charmed before and may be somewhat less friendly this time around. I mean, granted they did warn him about Yeemack, but he might not be too happy about the spell. Plus they did throw his dog in the fire. Heck, his muffled shouting might be less "help me" and more "you sold me out, you bastards!" So we'll see how that goes.

On the bright side, if Hurley finds out about Barbara, maybe they can blame Klarg. "He, uh, he wanted revenge! We couldn't stop him!"
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I will always remember Klarg from my first laughing fit moment of the series, with Griffy's perfect line-reading in:

MAGNUS: "What's in the box?"
YEEMACK: "Stuff. Go fucking kill Klarg."
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