Mefi Horror Club: Killers
September 4, 2015 7:29 AM - Subscribe

This movie is about the odd connection that evolves between a psychopathic executive and a journalist.

Both participate on a website where people upload videos of murders they commit. The description seems like it's just a mash up of popular horror trends, but don't be fooled. I went into this movie expecting the same old schtick and was utterly shocked by how awesome it is.

The trailer is here. You can rent it multiple places (Amazon, Google Play, Youtube), but is available on Netflix live streaming.

More about metafilter horror club here Anyone who wants the next selection, please mail me.
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I've been meaning to check this out and now I have an excuse!
posted by The Whelk at 1:01 PM on September 5, 2015 [1 favorite]

Glad to do my part. I hope you all enjoy it.
posted by miss-lapin at 2:09 PM on September 5, 2015

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