Fall 2015 anime
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A new season of anime is dawning. What are people looking forward to? Which series would be good to follow here?
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I didn't see anything that looked like it could hold my interest. I might could get talked into The Kindaichi Case Files Returns, which I think will run on Crunchyroll.
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Black Jack is wonderful, I wonder if Young Black Jack, without Tezuka around, can measure up.

I have a friend who loves the One Punch Man manga, but I couldn't get into it.

That AU Fist of the North Star one isn't the first time they've satirized FotNS.
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Eventually there'll be a thread on r/trueanime where people who can be bothered to keep track of these things will post stuff like, "Oh, this is the guy who directed My Little Sister Can't Really Be A Moose, and the character designer from Xenomoose Saga," and so on. I usually reserve judgement until I've seen that.

If I had to pick something randomly off the wall chart, I'd go with the art style outlier, which appears to be Shin ATASHIn'Chi. I will of course also be boarding the Owarimonogatari hype train.
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Metafilter: Oh, this is the guy who directed My Little Sister Can't Really Be A Moose, and the character designer from Xenomoose Saga.
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...Everyday Life With Moose Girls?
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I'm wary, since Aldnoah:Moose was such a letdown in the second season.
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What did you think of Is It Wrong to Pick Up Moose Girls In A Dungeon? Aside from the inexplicable fanboy obsession with the antler string.
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>...Everyday Life With Moose Girls?

In retrospect, I can't believe I failed to do the obvious "Monster Moose-ume" joke. My life is filled with regret.

So apparently one of this season's shows is going to be a school comedy featuring the characters from Attack On Titan.

As luck would have it, I recently finished Attack On Titan, which I'd originally given up on after five or six episodes. I thought its whole schtick was going to be Constantly Escalating Grimness For Its Own Sake. But I hadn't really given it enough of a chance--some of the ways they complicated the story towards the end were pretty damn interesting, and I surprised myself by being really sorry to see it end.

Anyway, the show is SO grim, and SO serious, that I think there's the potential for really good comedy in letting some of the air out of it. I try not to look forward to these things TOO much, having been burned before... but I am cautiously optimistic about this show.
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With the exception of One Punch Man, all the series I am interested in are continuations: Garo Guren no Tsuki, Haikyuu!! 2, Noragami Aragoto, and maybe Seraph of the End Battle in Nagoya.

And I might be interested in K: Return of Kings. The first K series wasn't great anime, but it was great-looking anime, and I'm weak like that.
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I haven't seen the first portions of any of the shows that are continuing. Haikyuu was the third show on my sports list after Chihayafuru and Bike Chihayafuru... uh, which was actually called Yowamushi Pedal. I thought Yowapeda was really promising, but I burnt out on sports shows and haven't been back.

So it turns out there is going to be a gag/parody version of Attack On Titan AND a gag/parody version Fist Of The North Star. I am now considering doing a performance art thing where these two shows are the only ones I watch this season.
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(I'm asking for past-season anime viewing recommendations in AskMe. Sorry for the brief derail but there isn't a lot of overlap between this thread and that one, and you-all might have some thoughts.)
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The new Lupin III series starts its Japanese run Oct. 1. Anybody else planning to keep up with that?
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If the initial reviews of Lupin III are good, I'll take a look. The only anime adaptation I've seen that captured the spirit of the manga was "Castle of Cagliostro"; everything else has lacked its recklessness and charm.
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And the prize for this anime season's light novel adaptation with long ridiculous title goes to:
Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken (Story in Which I Was Kidnapped by a Young Lady's School to be a "Sample of the Common People")
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I already found a fall 2015 anime I hate: Heavy Object. Interesting premise and world-building ruined by pointless fan service, and badly written female characters. The depiction of women in the military was a stark contrast to Aldnoah.Zero - why can't we have more characters like Captain Magbaredge, and less of the ill-tempered over-sexed female military commander trope?

Dropped after 1 episode.
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>I already found a fall 2015 anime I hate

Only one? Asterisk War is about battlin' students at a magic high school, one of whom has A Dark Past. Five minutes into the first episode they had already made time for an 'I tripped and fell on you and accidentally grabbed your boob' scene. This show is saved from being the worst new show on Crunchyroll only by the fact that Crunchyroll has also picked up Lance N' Masques...

I'm sorry to hear that about Heavy Object--the list of things I'm holding out hopes for this season is dwindling fast. On a brighter note, Owarimonogatari appears to be more of the same stylish, quirky, chatty fun that one expects from that franchise.
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Comet Lucifer looks... possibly good? Hard to say after one episode. It borrows a LOT of notes from Laputa... I mean, there were a couple of scenes that lingered on the border between 'loving homage' and 'legally actionable'. But at least it has good taste in stuff to plagiarize, and the art was nice.

I'd like to see an anime in which it's possible for characters to meet without running into or falling on top of one another. I'd also like to see a scene in which a male and a female character run into one another, apologize, and then never see each other again.
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Watched Asterisk War: male transfer student accidently peeps on the school's battle princess, gets in a duel, reveals his power might actually be much greater than hers, their destinies entangle despite her protests.

Then I watched Chivalry of a Failed Knight: male student accidently peeps on the school's battle princess, gets in a duel, reveals his power might actually be much greater than hers, their destinies entangle despite her protests.


The second is actually the better of the two: less contrieved, less fanservice (no boob grabbing, instead some ogling of the male lead by the female lead) and the promise that their relationship won't be stuck in tsundere hell but actually progresses even in the first episode.

I've read the source manga for Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken which was actually surprisingly decent once you got over the premise.
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Concrete Revolutio: a Japanese take on a Grant Morrisonesque superhero epic?
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Concrete Revolutio: they threw a bunch of stuff at the wall, and... at least SOME of it stuck. I got a couple of chuckles out of the fact that, despite the somewhat more serious tone of the rest of the fight, the Magical Girl's powers could only manifest as happy clouds and butterflies, and in other G-rated forms. I thought the episode was a little sloppily-directed towards the end--he killed Grosse Augen's human host! That was terrible! No, wait, it was okay! No, wait, he didn't actually kill him! Let's have a time skip! It seemed like they had to get through x amount of the story, so they just started cramming stuff in, and there was not quite enough egg to hold the omelet together. But the art was neat, and the rest of it was at least somewhat promising. More so, anyway, than battlin' magic high school students. Cautiously optimistic about this one.

In other news, the Fist Of The North Star takeoff is pretty funny...
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> Comet Lucifer looks... possibly good?

I watched episode 1 based on this comment. It makes me think of Eureka Seven for some reason? Maybe the boy in his flying contraption and the mysterious girl. Character design reminded me a bit of Gundam Reconguista in G. I feel mixed about it - didn't exactly grip me, but it has potential.
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>I watched episode 1 based on this comment.

Oh jeez. I was afraid you were gonna say you hated it. Apparently I have a low tolerance for responsibility. :)

It didn't remind me of Eureka Seven because I haven't seen Eureka Seven... but I've read other people saying that about it, too.

The chase scene, followed by an improbably long fall into a mine pit with a town built around it and/or sort of growing out of it, with twinkly crystals in the mine, and the catch-the-floating-girl bit at the end, seemed to me to be lifted almost straight out of Laputa. It's a good association--my daughter loved Laputa, second only to Kiki's Delivery Service and maybe Totoro; we watched it dozens of times when she was little, and it never became tiresome. So if they're gonna riff on that, I'm okay with it.

Fall Season Scorecard: I thought Asterisk War was kinda bad. Beautiful Bones and Utawarerumono and Heavy Object were less bad but still boring, and Concrete Revolutio and Comet Lucifer were good enough to get me to the second episode. Crunchyroll has also picked up The Perfect Insider, Anti-Magic Academy, Magical Somera-chan, and the new Gundam show, so I will be trying all those in the next short while...
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Most impressed with Concrete Revolutio so far: the art style is great, some of the character designs are very Kirby-esque and the story is intriguing even if it is being mysterious for the sake of being mysterious in the first episode.

Comet Lucifer: another interesting if somewhat more generic setting, decent male and female leads, but could go anywhere still.

Asterisk War/Chivalry of a Failed Knight: liked the second better than the first, these could be the baseline acceptable timewasters this season.

Hackadoll: short, pointless, not very funny.

Peeping Life Season 1??: seinsfeldian comedy with classic Osamu Tezuka characters like Astro Boy.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru: rather pretty mystery series
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Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru was indeed pretty, but the characters didn't do anything for me. I'm prepared to give it a few episodes and see where it goes.

Here's one, though: I just saw The Perfect Insider this morning. For my money it's the best new show I've seen. Really nice, sort of on-the-serious-side art, and a characterization of the heroine that was actually kind of deft and interesting. Hero is a not-as-well-written genius academician who I thought was not interesting by himself, but whose presence gave the heroine somebody to play off of and made her more interesting. Anyway, also some striking stuff in the premise about which I will not say too much... Oh, and a Hyouka callback in that they used the same cello music that Hyouka always used. Anyway, if I had to put money on one of the new shows to hold my interest I'd pick this one without hesitation.

Oh--and the Anti-Magic Academy one was pure dreck. Accidental boob grab, battlin' high school students, no less than two of them with dead parents, dark secrets, a tragic past, and a need for REVENGE!, plus a clumsy girl in a bunny suit, and on and on. The Cliche Emporium is open for business; please form a single line on the left.
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"Concrete Revolutio": that missing 'n' is going to haunt me and the spellchecker for a while. The first episode is way overloaded and frantically paced to tell what's going on, but looks really promising despite that. Subscribed. MartinWisse: the design is strongly informed by specific Japanese designers (outside of manga/anime) and eras -- I'll have to dig through some old books for specific names so lemme get back to you on that topic later.

"Failed Knight": looks like perfect fodder for my daily workouts. Which is not actually praise, check that AskMe link from earlier to see why,.

"One-Punch Man": first episode was fantastic! Kind of a post-heroic narrative of a world constantly under threat by monsters and a man who, after reaching the pinnacle of his art, has nowhere to go but down. I kind of suspect this is a series that's going to be better appreciated by people in their thirties and later, who no longer have stars in their eyes about the potential for future greatness and are adjusting to trying to be happy with the trajectory of the life set before them. Sorry if that sounds kind of dismal. Anyway, I thought it was hilarious and I'm pissed that it's on neither Funimation nor Crunchyroll because subscribing to a third anime streaming service feels ridiculous.
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>that missing 'n' is going to haunt me

I can only assume they're deliberately trying to set off my OCD.

>I'm pissed that it's on neither Funimation nor Crunchyroll because subscribing to a third anime streaming service feels ridiculous.

Who's got it, Daisuki? They don't have a Roku app, and I can't stand watching anime at my computer, so I'm spared the temptation of a third subscription...

Speaking of Crunchyroll, they still don't have a page up for the new Gundam show, which they claim they will be "simulcasting". I'm skeptical that they have fully grasped the "simul-" part...
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Yeah, "One-Punch Man" is on Daisuke. I'd have to take another look at what they offer because I recall it being the only title that both interested me and was not offered elsewhere (in contrast to, say, "One Piece", which is streamed by all three services and isn't even compelling me to hate-watch).
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"Concrete Revolutio" design influences -- some I was able to note, which is not even slightly close to what's name-checkable in the first episode.

In terms of general style influences, the first thing to stand out at me was influence by the post-pop/underground posters of Hirano Koga and Tadanori Yokoo. There are no specific things to hang on them, but the general sensibility of heavily-saturated colors, densely packed with simply-lined elements comes through. Both Koga and Yokoo are the original fusers of American pop art design and Japanese design, and have influenced generations of artists since. The animation with photocopied photographs during the closing credits is also influenced by Koga and a couple other artists active in mid-80s whose names escape me now. (There were, at one time, video games made in that style! Man I wish I could dig up the info I had on those...)

And that kind of goes hand-in-hand with the design of the 1980s that were inspired by the 1950s and 60s low culture. This arose in many parts of the world, although especially Paris, Los Angeles, and Japan. Design elements were appropriated from the earlier era (googie architecture, steel-and-vinyl-and-wood furniture and decorations, bold flat colors with exaggeratedly large "ben-day" style dot patterns, dramatic angles, retrofuture design elements (rocket-like cars with huge fins, glass helmets, and so on). Think Roy Lichtenstein taking speed and then getting drunk with the Heta-Uma artists during a hot rod car show.

So American comics were a part of this. But as far as I can tell, all of eastern and western junk culture of the 50s through the 60s is being mined -- often through intermediaries, and regurgitated. And I can only provide the handwavy overview, since there are specific manga and anime and sentai being referenced in the show -- one of the giant robots looks like Guyver, another looks like a Transformer, another looks like it could come from Ultraman; the hero and some of the minor characters are straight out of classic Tezuka boy's manga, and man I know way too little about Japanese pop culture to manage even a half-assed job of this.

tl;dr: On consideration, I don't think they're really throwing everything in to see what sticks. At least not in the sense that they're being pointlessly random. Instead, this is a very calculated effort at a particular appearance and package, albeit one that leverages a frantic visual overload.
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Yes, on further reflection what it reminded me most of was Kurt Busiek's Astro City series of superhero pastiche, which basically mines five (now seven) decades of superhero history and was very good in integrating all of it into a more or less seamless whole, without doing damage to the original assumptions underlying its characters.

So here the magical girl can summon a red nosed, talking rain clouds to dispel an energy beam attack by an alien giant on the hero's convertible Porsche mecha and it all looks like it belongs in the same world, while still clearly being different from each other. It also feels as if there's a wider world out there, more stories ongoing than what's shown on the screen, which isn't often the case even in "throw in everything including the kitchen sink" magic/sci-fi adventure anime.

The other thing that came to mind, echoing "1950s and 60s low culture" is how modernist the backgrounds look, reminiscent of some of those 1950ties Loony Tunes and other late Golden Age cartoons (Gerald McBoing Boing frex ). Those had these same sort of design elements mentioned above.
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"Anti-Magic Academy": I watched it on a whim because I figured it couldn't be too bad.
"Inspector! You've gone too far! Cross the line one last time and you're out of the force!"
"You can't fire me! Your way doesn't work and I'm going to do this my way!"
Except that everybody's 15 years old and also the sexual harassment would make a British private school master blush.
This is fucking awful.
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"Chivalry of a Failed Knight": oddly translated Japanese title? adaptation of a light novel series? magic high school? Male main character has no natural magic talent but has off-the-charts combat-specific ability which is not measured by current scoring systems, and so is considered "failing"? tsundere female main character? Did my finger slip on the remote control and I am accidentally re-watching Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei / The Irregular at Magic High School?

Ah, no, the female MC is not uttering "Onii-sama" in every scene she appears. And the princess's school uniform is a lot trashier-looking than the ones worn by the National Magic University Affiliate High School girls in Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. And phew, the MC's are not siblings.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight made me relive Mahouka Koukou and I cannot forgive that. Dropped.

I think the only magic high school series I have enjoyed so far is Tokyo Ravens. The magic battles are imaginative, and the characters wrestle with ethical dilemmas concerning their use of magic.
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>Except that everybody's 15 years old

Heh. I guess there are dozens of shows like this; the one that your comment reminded me of is A Certain Scientific Railgun, which had the same sort of quasi-military/governmental agency with broad police powers, run entirely by twelve-to-fifteen-year-olds who split their time evenly between gossiping in parfait shops, and blowing up buildings and electrocuting people. I know the show was supposed to be about something else, but I couldn't get past wondering why the citizenry wasn't in open revolt...
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I loved One Punch Man. Made me think of Kill La Kill in some ways, mainly the over-the-top bravado with which the fight scenes were animated, and the moments of absurd humor.

Garo: Guren no Tsuki is not as stylish as Garo: Honoo no Kokuin, but has more explicit linkages to the live action series from which it originates. It even has the lead actor from Makai no Hana, the fourth Garo TV series, voicing Raikou / Garo! The use of spaghetti western music for an anime set in the Heian period is an interesting music choice. Looking forward to Abe no Seimei vs. Ashiya Doman showdowns. (By the way, the Abe no Seimei and Ashiya Doman magic rivalry also plays a big part in the Tokyo Ravens storyline).

Concrete Revolutio may be this season's Blood Blockade Battlefront for me - visually stylish, busy, have no idea what's going on, but my eyes are entertained. I thought it had the best OP of this season's anime, until I saw the one for "The Perfect Insider".

I admit to falling asleep while watching "The Perfect Insider" - I'll give it a chance, but I felt ep. 1 wasn't taking full advantage of the medium of anime. I'm curious why there is even an anime adaptation when there was a j-drama adaptation of the original novel just last year. I don't like the nominal heroine much. I found far more interesting the female scientist who's only shown up in flashbacks.
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>I felt ep. 1 wasn't taking full advantage of the medium of anime

Yeah, that's fair--though the fact that it was sort of quiet and mundane-seeming made me drop my guard, and then there was one strikingly weird idea that caught me unawares, and sold me on the show. A single drop of weird in a gallon of normal is, in its own way, every bit as interesting as something like Blood Blockade Battlefront, which runs the risk of bombarding you with weird until Weird Fatigue sets in...
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> A single drop of weird in a gallon of normal is, in its own way, every bit as interesting

I agree, and I enjoy this very much in live action film or tv series, and in books I read. Personally, I have different expectations for anime - so even for a slice of life or fairly normal setting, my preference is for approaches like The Tatami Galaxy or Ping Pong. It would be great if "The Perfect Insider" in subsequent episodes went beyond an anime version of the j-drama adaptation.
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Favorite anime openings so far this season:

The Perfect Insider

Concrete Revolutio

Noragami Aragoto
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>Personally, I have different expectations for anime - so even for a slice of life or fairly normal setting, my preference is for approaches like The Tatami Galaxy or Ping Pong.

Heck yes. Animation can do things that are impossible in any other medium, so it ought to do them. I'm all for that, and those are awesome shows. If I was picking favorites, along with, say, FLCL or Cat Soup, I'd have to include shows like Oregairu and Genshiken Nidaime and Aku no Hana. Sometimes there's nothing outlandish about the setting or the premise, but the whole thing just grabs onto me on some level...

I didn't realize there was another adaptation of Perfect Insider, and I don't know the story. The first episode of the anime made me think it could be one of those shows where it seems like nothing out of the ordinary is going on, and then it makes a left turn without signaling, and all of a sudden you don't know WHERE you are. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway.
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Heavy Object: dumb premisse but could've been forgiven if something fun was done with it, then we got the contrieved "oh no the female pilot is being strangled by her seat belts and I might have to touch her boobies to free her so let's angst a minute about it" scene and I was like no. Will still give the second episode a try though.

The Perfect Insider: no idea what's going on yet, very talky, very static so far, but intriguing enough to keep watching. Disagree with the idea that animation should always do things that are impossible elsewhere. If it stays like this throughout the series it's another thing, but being this quiet and restrained worked very well as an introduction.

Noragami Aragato: binge watched the first series yesterday, which was quite good, especially in the way the female lead had an equal part in the show and wasn't there as just love object, not to mention that the three main characters were all of them much more well rounded than most anime. The followup OVA was a disappointment as it ignored all character growth, but the first episode of this new series made up for it.

“Shomin Sample”: hits the required notes from the manga, but not as funny and of course the whole "protagonist is kidnapped to be a pleb example for an elite girl school because they think he's gay and he has to keep up the pretense or lose his balls (literally)" is mildly offensive, to say the least. Might get better, probably won't.
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I just watched the first ten minutes or so of the new Gundam show. This is probably not what I was supposed to be concentrating on... but apparently, presumably to maintain discipline, it's important for every single person in the military to have a different, ridiculous hairdo. They should all just wear hats with fruit on them. I mean, when they say the Mars colony is running out of resources, I assume they mean hair spray...
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K: Return of Kings is one of those anime I enjoyed watching but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to others. It's just not very good, the story is non-sensical, women characters only exist for fan service, and there's just a whole lot of ludicrousness on parade (like the Blue King's subjects stating their names as they draw their swords one by one before big fights, cool the first time, tedious when it gets repeated every episode).. It's kind of like watching an extended music video, with lots of pretty boys with incredible hair, some nice fight sequences, and a lot of explosions, but the parts don't form a coherent whole. The entire Blue Squad could probably form a male version of AKB48 or Morning Musume, they look more like j-pop boy band members than a fearsome fighting squad.

Anyway, you have to have watched the first K series and the movie K: Missing Kings, as K: Return of Kings continues where Missing Kings left off.
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Thank you for reminding me about the return of Noragami! I'd forgotten about it since Crunchyroll isn't carrying it. Other than, this season was looking bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak for me. I'll continue Perfect Insider for now, but man, even the descriptions are cliche for most of this stuff. Ugh. I might save myself $30 and just cancel Crunchyroll til January.
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I mean, for some reason I'm even too sick of Arararagi to continue with the Monogatari series and that's at least pretty to watch, even though I know I'm missing half the jokes/depth.
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Any interest in a "Concrete Revolutio" FanFare watch? It's certainly dense enough to merit hashing out what just went on.

It's not on Crunchyroll, unfortunately, but it's on Funimation as well as the usual streaming sites on foreign shores.
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>I'm even too sick of Arararagi to continue with the Monogatari series

I don't approve... but I can't figure out how to type this--


--only with a Shaft head-tilt. :)
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Shaft head tilt
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Ha! Thanks for that... I knew there must be SOME real-life equivalent. I think there should be an anime set in a hospital with a Shaft Ward, full of people with neck injuries...
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Oh, I love me some Shaft the animation studio don't be a pervert but I am just done with Arararagi and his whole harem bullshit right now. I liked the White Snake arc because he wasn't in it much - if this arc focuses on him, I don't have much reason to watch.
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Military outfit with outsized war machine gets caught flatfooted by an attack from an unexpected quarter. Resulting situation casts the class differences between the royal/elite heroine and the grunt MCs into sharp relief. Show may or may not actually have anything interesting to say about this.

This description seems to fit both Heavy Object and the new Gundam show. I guess I feel like neither of them is conspicuously bad, but I'm having a hard time keeping track of which one I'm watching.
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Any interest in a "Concrete Revolutio" FanFare watch?

I would not dislike that.
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Not happening, unfortunately. FanFare watches are only allowed for shows with IMDB entries, and Funimation is not as proactive as Crunchyroll at getting their shows listed there.
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So this is what my current anime viewing schedule looks like:

Thursday: Perfect Insider
Friday: Garo: Crimson Moon, K: Return of Kings
Saturday: Owari no Seraph
Sunday: Concrete Revolutio, One Punch Man

Also shorts as they appear: Miss Monochrome, Doamayger-D, Lovely Muuuuuuuco!.

I expect I'll be binge-watching Noragami and Haiku second seasons after this anime season concludes.
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After careful consideration, I've decided to just watch everything.

Beautiful Bones really grabbed me with its second episode, after a first one that I thought was kinda dull. That and The Perfect Insider are my favorites this season. Oh, and Owarimonogatari. But I'm watching all the crappier shows too, to throw the better shows into sharper relief.
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My favorites this season so far are One Punch Man and Concrete Revolutio.

I wasn't expecting to pick up Owari no Seraph again after dropping it last season but after watching the recap episode I got sucked back in - watching it mainly to find out how the mysteries get resolved. I think that's why I'm watching K: Return of Kings, too (there are supposed to be seven kings! how come we've only been shown six so far? what color is the seventh king? and shouldn't we be seeing some replacement kings by this point? what's gonna happen to the blue king? is anybody gonna get laid?).

I'm enjoying Garo because of the linkages to the live action series, and also the way they're playing with actual Heian period personages and their associated legends. From reading online reviews it seems this Garo series is not as enjoyable for those who are not familiar with the Garo universe and / or Heian period history.

I feel iffiest about Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider. I guess I'll keep watching to find out what the mystery is even about, but I think at this point I'd find this the easiest to drop, followed by K: Return of Kings, and Owari no Seraph.
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Sadly, One-Punch Man seems not to be streaming anyplace that I'm plugged into.

I rewatched Oregairu's second season recently and got all broke up about it again, and then read that Yukino's voice actress also has some non-trivial part in Owari no Seraph-- and I ALMOST started watching it...

...but then I thought, no, that would surely be the all-time goofiest possible reason for watching Owari no Seraph. I might pick it up anyway, though--I've got it in my Funimation queue...

I also just realized that Funimation has that "I Was Abducted By An Elite All-Girls School In What Is Perhaps The Silliest Excuse Of The Season For A Bunch Of Fanservice" show. I guess I'm gonna watch an episode for Science.
posted by Sing Or Swim at 7:33 PM on October 17, 2015

> Not happening, unfortunately. FanFare watches are only allowed for shows with IMDB entries, and Funimation is not as proactive as Crunchyroll at getting their shows listed there.

Courtesy of the mods, Concrete Revolutio has now been added to the FanFare list of shows. So we've got a lot of catching up to do, 3 episodes have been aired already!
posted by needled at 1:56 PM on October 19, 2015

Okay, I'll bite: how's it work?

I appear to have added Concrete Revolutio to My Fanfare. Yes, it is in fact In My Fanfare. I don't see any episodes listed or any discussion, which is either because it hasn't gotten rolling yet, or because I'm doing it wrong, which is why I ask...
posted by Sing Or Swim at 7:35 PM on October 21, 2015

It hasn't gotten rolling yet :(

I'd been hoping people would start posting episodes on FanFare once it got added to the list of shows, but I guess this hasn't happened, so if there aren't any up by tonight I'll try to get at least ep. 1 post up on FanFare.

If you want to try your hand at any episodes, from any FanFare page, click on "New Post", then select "TV" as the category, and from there it should be fairly self-explanatory. (Do remember to add anime_club as one of the tags, this will make it easier for people to find the anime posts on FanFare).
posted by needled at 4:43 AM on October 22, 2015 [1 favorite]

> I appear to have added Concrete Revolutio to My Fanfare. Yes, it is in fact In My Fanfare. I don't see any episodes listed or any discussion...

Bam! Sorry for the delay, it's been a busy week. I'm thinking of one post every other day until caught up. I don't intend to monopolize it (the schedule will go to hell that way), so if it's time to discuss a new episode and you don't see a thread for it, go nuts.
posted by ardgedee at 4:27 PM on October 22, 2015 [1 favorite]

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