The NFL Today: NFL Week 3
September 27, 2015 5:42 AM - Season 48, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Week 3 big games: Chiefs at Packers in a throwback to the first Super Bowl, Steelers at the Rams, and the Bills at the Dolphins.

The Giants already beat Washington, so they have that going for them.
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Speaking of the Washington/Giants game... The NFL is thinking of changing the rule about a team fumbling into the end zone.
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To what??
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The Colts are apparently down three starters, so here we go again...
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Maybe unrecovered fumble returns to spot?
Dunno, it's always amusing to see Washington squirm, but I wouldn't oppose that in any situation, a fumbled ball that goes out of bounds returns to the spot of the fumble as opposed to where it left the field.

Also this week: The end of Jimmy Clausen's Career.
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One of my earliest football memories is walking around the parking lot of then-Rich Stadium with my mom (we lived close to the stadium and game days are a hoot, especially to a preschooler who loves high fives). Some guy had a stuffed dolphin on a fishing pole and invited my sister and I to stomp on it, which we did with great glee, shrieking "Squish the fish! Squish the fish!"

I feel like this explains Bills fandom, somehow.
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IIRC, the fumble would be to the spot of the fumble. In the Washington game it still would have been the Giants ball though, because it had been 4th down.
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Dallas surviving the loss of Romo so far. The Vikings/Chargers game has been ugly.*

*Unless you like defense.
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Bad year to be a starting quarterback.
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Interesting choice the Saints made, to go with "fifth pre-season game" inside the regular season. Sorry they couldn't pull out a win today, but it doesn't count if it's not your real quarterback, right?
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komara, you can have that win. We didn't deserve it. But the refs did botch that call about not returning to the field fast enough, and as they say "nothing good happens when you have to re-punt."
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Seahawks fans right now: "Holy crap, did you guys know they had Jimmy Graham on the team?"
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Watching the Ravens this season has made me appreciate what it must mean to be a Washington Football Team fan.
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Most comforting thing I saw online today as a 49ers fan: 49ers Drinking Game: Just keep drinking
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And Chuck Pagano and Pep Hamilton keep their jobs for another week! I wouldn't buy any furniture if I were either of them...
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