Moonbeam City: The Strike Visualizer Strikes Again
October 2, 2015 12:07 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Dazzle starts a friendship with an artist. Meanwhile, a killer called the Moonbeam Maniac is terrorizing the city.
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This show was rocky at first, but I think hit its stride with this episode. So much funny in this one. A new cop, of course appropriately named "Flash", the greenbar printer paper on the party sign, the captain's desk, and the dialogue was much snappier and filled out this episode. It ran well, and I actually laughed pretty hard a bunch of times. The meat of the plot itself was just a great idea. Glad to see this show isn't worthless after all.
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And it doesn't harm to have voice-over extraordinaire Peter Serafinowicz on a guest role. Clearly, I am goo-ilty!

Lots of jokes with a solid payoff (the 0 days to retirement, the constant background accidents at Trapezios and the busboy clearing tables using a trapeze, the 2-4-1, Chrysalis terrible bowling analogy, the glasses factory, the blowdrier and the razor on the desk, Dazzle's continued insistence on Van Groff innocence and his history with visualizations) and much tighter writing worked out pretty well here. Also, Rad throwing up with the strike visualisations (incluing a grassy knoll shooter on JFK) after acting like Canadian Hockey Major star and prime minister Rad Cunningham on the blood puddles of a crime scene. He also does eeeeeeveryyyything solo, and not with girls.

And apparently, a city where almost nobody has a regular first name (the bowlers include Blitz, Fizzle, Napalm and Shatter. Also the perfect game was done by Vic... Lasertelli).

(also, thanks for picking up the slack, I meant to post it after a second watch, but heh, lazy)
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