Last Man on Earth: The Boo
October 4, 2015 10:21 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Will Phil find any of the people he's lost in this strange new world? In the meantime, we finally see some corpses!

So last week, Phil lost Carol. This week, will they find each other?

Carol has BEDAZZLED THE SHIT OUT OF THAT SHIRT and won a free lottery ticket. And stuck a PHIL sign on the inflatable thing she has up waving. "I have a new respect for your craft," shes says to it after she waves in the style as it. She blows on a pipe, eats beef jerky, sculpts Phil out of chewing tobacco and toothpaste, sets off fireworks. I have major respect for Carol's crafting skills, y'all.

Phil is still wandering around his burned up house in that hairball suit and complaining to his balls, wondering where Carol is. She'll come here eventually, right? He tries inflating balloons to go find her, but that doesn't work too well. Then he sees train tracks.

Carol eats peanut butter and drinks salsa and stares at the empty road. She sets off her last two flares. THIS IS JUST HORRIBLE AND SAD, YOU GUYS, AND SHE LIT THE INFLATATHING ON FIRE. And ran out of lottery tickets. It's like she's on a deserted island, y'all. I'm amazed she hasn't sunburned like Phil has. THEN SHE HEARS A TRAIN. With "Carol, it's me, Phil" written on it. Followed by "I'm not on the train. I'm in Tuscon." We find out he sent out all the trains in Tuscon and then is sending out a steamroller (signed "Phil (Tandy)") , which mows over one of his ball friends (Brice) and makes him cry that he let everyone down he cared about and how he deserves to be alone. Well... can't argue with that.

THEN A CAR DRIVES UP, HONKING. Yay! "Did you get my train?" "I sure did, you little train conductor." They argue about where he left her, but reunite adorably and let's do it in the road. (Carol, incidentally, thinks the appropriate Beatles song is "Yellow Submarine" for that.) Phil breaks the news to Carol about the house and the gang and she thinks it's not like them to do that and they would have left a note. She's disappointed about them, but still happy to see Phil. My house?

She feared he left her at the gas station on purpose/turned into Old Tandy, but yay, he's better! "And you're the man I want to kiss for the rest of my life," Phil says. Then after Carol goes upstairs to change, Phil discovers that the gang did leave a note for Carol--we've gone to Malibu and please come, but don't bring Tandy, it would not be safe. Phil of course has to hide it. I kinda can't blame him under the circumstances. "To my Honest Abe," Carol toasts, awkwardly.

After Phil has a nightmare about Carol finding the note and Other Phil and Melissa trying to kill him, he wakes up. Carol thinks he's dreaming about his penis falling off again. She keeps going around looking for a note. Phil asks if she's enough for him if they never find out what happened to everyone else. She says yes, but she hasn't given up on them just yet. Phil rants to his balls that he doesn't know what to do. At least he has the balls, but other than Carol, she's all alone.

Cut to Phil and Carol having drinks with...a bunch of fake dolls approximating everyone else (even the cow). Isn't this fun? Carol starts getting choked up as she talks to the fake people and offers to Bedazzle their shirts. She runs into the house to cry, and Phil tells her the truth about the note. She's mad anyway. He's even more terrified of her not being happy, though. Wanna go to Malibu? He'd go for her. "There's no way in Norway we're going to Malibu!" she says, and they argue a bit. He concedes she's right and if you care about somebody, you do the right thing for them. I'm glad we worked this out! They do shots instead. Maybe Carol shouldn't have that many shots, dude.

Carol wakes up ... in the motorhome? Driving south? PHIL! Yes, so he nonconsensually got her drunk and drove to Malibu, because if you care about somebody, "You don't ask them if it's okay, you just go ahead and do it." "You just lifted up your skunk tail and you sprayed me with the sweet scent of selflessness," Carol says.

They find a dead whale...well, lots of dead whales on the beach. For those of you wondering where the corpses are on this show, NOW YOU'VE SEEN SOME. Phil makes terrible whale puns.

How will we find everyone else? The smoke! BOTH OF THEM now have haystack suits and find everyone else on the beach, listening to Gail play accordion. OH WAIT, THERE'S WILL FERRELL! Carol offers to go down there and be a thermometer. Gail's lyrics are really strange according to my captions, btw. I can't type that fast, though. Carol rusn up and yells "BOO!," which scares Will and then he....drops dead on the beach. WTF? You killed Gordon!

And yes, that's the end of that episode. So weird.
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I like how they are handling Carol a lot more this season. Last season she was written mostly to be a thorn in Phil's side. Now they're writing her as her own bedazzled self and she's pretty great.
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Well, don't I feel stupid. I didn't recognize Will Ferrell and thought that Gordon was played by Harry "Mayor Richard Wilkins III" Groener from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In my defense, I had Zzzquil kicking in right at the end of the episode.
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I am going to guess right now (without checking IMDB) that Will Ferrell is not actually dead, BUT either Phil or Carol will manage to kill him in the course of the next episode.

(Not that IMDB would be helpful on that. Before the finale aired last season, the IMDB description for the episode was something like "The Gang moves to Idaho. Carol learns she is pregnant." NONE of which happened. So I think they're being intentionally misleading with episode descriptions before the show airs.)

Love Carol. So happy this season is going with More Carol.

Also, where's the cow?
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The cow is on the moooooove.

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I grew up in Oklahoma and would so wear Carol's bedazzled Oklahom t-shirt.

By the way, those haystack suits are an actual thing, and they're called ghillie suits. I think "haystack suit" is funnier though.
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