The Good Wife: Bond
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Alicia scrambles for work. Peter gets the okay to "run for vice president" and makes a whopping hiring and firing mistake. Agos Lockhart isn't "hip" and "cool."

So Alicia can't get any kind of job (except with Louis Canning, who she's still refusing) and is resorting to being a bond attorney--apparently those are the random people who work at lightning speed to attempt to get people out on bail. This isn't going well, though one lady named Lucca Quinn is nice enough to kinda help Alicia out. She gets one client, which of course puts her up against her former firm so they can all fight over a dead lady's 8 million dollar Chagall painting and how Post-Its (scattered all over the floor when the attorneys arrived) and Roombas work. Yes, there are experts on adhesives and suction and those are actual jobs, Judge Jane Curtin. In the end, THE ROOMBA DID IT by eating the "tack on note." The bail judge is totally hating Alicia as she fumbles her way through the whole bond thing. Alicia and Quinn end up tradiing places when Alicia's not allowed out of bond course when she's subbing in for her. Poor Quinn has NO preparation for this probate court thing, but she does point out that a caregiver to an invalid can't inherit more than $20,000. I did not know this information.

In other news, Alicia okays Peter's "running for vice president," saying she can't dictate his life. Eli gets fired from his job and is replaced by Margo Martindale as Ruth, who has a more "national" presence. Eli is hurt and piiiiiiiiiiiissed and swears he'll find someone to run against Peter, and then instead watches zombie movies. Alicia is also shocked as hell to find this out and goes over to Eli's to attempt to talk to him, which he refuses at the time but he later apologizes for... and then offers to be HER chief of staff. "They need to make you a wife again." When Ruth announces, "That's why we need to mold a real you that they'll like," Alicia says she wants Eli and insists on him. Ruth goes to confront Eli and he's all "I'm pretty irresistible." Ruth doesn't want him hired, period, and Eli says he'll use Alicia's rehabilitation campaign to undercut and destroy her, and maybe Peter too while he's at it. Thanks for your honesty, says Ruth, and Eli points out he probably won't believe her anyway. Eli hasn't planned it all out, but he's planned out enough.

Meanwhile, Agos Lockhart is no longer "hip" and "cool" and "for the young'uns" or whatever. I do not care, except for the part where a younger associate apparently thought Cary was hitting on him or vice versa or something.

Alicia and Quinn meet in a bar, but Quinn blows off drinking to go dance. I guess she's not the next Kalinda after all. Oh look, there's Louis Canning again. "You just happen to be at this bar?" Turned out the case came from Louis--Diane suggested Alicia was being used as a pawn against them. He's interested in sending her cases and she can be independent..."Do you want me to stop?" "No."
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Not a bad episode. I liked the fact that they showed the bond attorneys dealing with "people who are poor, but not poor enough to qualify for a public defender" -- a real issue that needs more attention. Although I hope it doesn't become a regular thing because it's basically "Night Court" without the humor.

I actually liked Grace acting as Alicia's assistant (which seemed to surprise Alicia) -- although I'd rather have Marissa Gold.

Always like to see Michael J. Fox.

Jane Curtin was great as the judge. "Adhesive expert? Is that a real job?"

I *hope* they're setting up Cary to leave FAL and join up with whatever Alicia ends up doing -- otherwise, the subplot of "Cary tries to make the firm younger and cooler" can't possibly go well. It's already weird that they seem to have brought in 3-4 new "senior" partners to make Cary more uncomfortable.

I enjoyed seeing an "unencumbered" episode of this show -- last season was half Cary in jail and half Alicia running for State's Attorney, hopefully we'll get a whole season of Alicia actually being a lawyer this time.

And now the first installment of the Kalinda Sharma Memorial Weirdness Between the Cast Watch:

As far as I noticed Cary is the only one who hasn't shared a scene with Alicia yet. She did interact with Diane, David Lee, Louis Canning, Eli, Ruth the new campaign manager, Lucca the new lawyer, Grace, and Peter. Hopefully this means there won't be any "Gosh I always seem to just miss her" nonsense this season...
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Can't it be "In Kalinda's wake, everyone she slept with wakes up gay?" because that would be awesome. Margo Martindale and Cush Jumbo are very very welcome additions to the show.

I just really really enjoyed this episode because I like Alicia the most when she just doesn't give a fuck. And Grace was so much less annoying when she's competent!
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Feud? What feud? I don't see any feud! JM explains the split screen sadness.
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I am so excited this show is back and one thing I like is that it starts and moves so fast. I never quite grasped why she had to quit her old firm and had forgotten that she was starting a solo practice. It is sad to think that she and Diane will be adversaries now because their scenes after Will's death were just perfect, but it looks like Cary might come over? That seemed just a bit forced in this episode with all the elderly partners and all the keen young associates. So, Cary, the helpful bond lawyer, and maybe Denny from Grey's Anatomy = new firm? I didn't even recognize Grace at first and I didn't miss Kalinda at all.
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the subplot of "Cary tries to make the firm younger and cooler" can't possibly go well.

Can't it be "In Kalinda's wake, everyone she slept with wakes up gay?" because that would be awesome.

Yeah, I already found that whole part of this episode positively cringe-inducing, while everything else was pretty good. And judging by the pointed parallels the show was drawing between Cary's behavior and pervy old Howard, I'd say there's zero chance Cary woke up gay.

Lucca seems like she'll be a great addition; both she and Alicia look like they have stuff to learn from each other. And because I like to play "spot the actor" I'll note that the Alicia's first client, the lady with the Chagall, was played by Bridget Regan (a/k/a Dottie on Agent Carter, Rebecca on White Collar) which makes me wonder if we've really seen the last of that case, or her as a client anyways, given that it was like a three-line part. I am also really curious whether sticking sticky notes to everything is really as legitimate, and as a common, a method of "estate planning" as it seemed to be based on the episode - none of the lawyers, not the executor, and not even the judge seemed to bat an eye at the ridiculousness of a whole house covered in sticky notes, whereas I was just like, "....that can't possibly be considered legally binding....seriously?"

I am really, immensely looking forward to Eli and Ruth waging war against each other, although if it keeps Margo Martindale from having time to be on The Americans I will be sad.
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Are we allowed to just call her "Margo Martindale"? Isn't "Beloved Character Actress Margo Martindale" canon? (Note the prescient mention of adhesive.)
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Can't wait for Eli and Willa to have a scheme-off. I love this show most when it's smart people being clever at each other.
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Oh, the precious snark about The Fall:

"The role is similar to Panjabi's character in The Good Wife in that she is once again playing a stylish, bisexual sidekick to a white woman from an iconic '90s television show, but it's different in that, unlike on TGW, Panjabi still appears in scenes with her co-star.
Tell me more about this scene-sharing. Do Panjabi and Anderson actually act opposite each, or is it more CGI trickery?
Nope! As on most shows, when characters in The Fall are in a scene together, the actors playing them are often in the same room at the same time. See for yourself in these GIFs: Gibson and Reed Smith sit down next to each other, walk down hallways together, ride a motorcycle together, the works. Sometimes they even have conversations face-to-face, not on the phone!"

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Oh, the precious snark about The Fall:

I'm no longer watching this show because of that CGI b.s. in the finale but it looks like I might be making another try with The Fall. That's some mighty fine shade The Vulture cast on TGW on The Fall's behalf.
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We're headed towards starting up the law firm of Florrick/Agos/Smart and Pleasant Bond Lawyer who I Liked a Lot but I Wish We Hadn't Had to Have Another Woman of Color Throwing Herself on a Grenade for a White Lady, right? What's the over/under on how long it takes Diane to join this firm?
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Yeah, I already found that whole part of this episode positively cringe-inducing, while everything else was pretty good. And judging by the pointed parallels the show was drawing between Cary's behavior and pervy old Howard, I'd say there's zero chance Cary woke up gay.

Yeah that plot would have been better if seemed less like Cary was saying "We have to be a firm that's agile and open to new ideas, because in this changing market place you need to... be like a 25 year old's ass." At least if they're trying to make jump ship to join Alicia, it doesn't really work if it seems like wanting to be drinking with the fun sexy associates is the motivation, which is how that was seeming to me.
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Mrs. Pterodactyl, I think this is the full-tilt-boogie fan service season. It will all happen.
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from the vox link : Despite the whispers of a feud hanging over the show, it's never affected the show's quality. Sure, some seasons are better than others, but if there's dislike between these two stars, it doesn't manifest itself onscreen.

i very much disagree - i think the show would have been much better if the two of them were in the same room more. it just got so obvious that it was being written around that while i'm still watching, i definitely like it less. i'm honestly glad they finally just pulled off the bandaid and let kalinda/panjabi move on finally.
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