Last Man on Earth: Dead Man Walking
October 11, 2015 10:31 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Carol tries to figure out how to break the "good" news to everyone else that she brought Tandy along to Malibu with her.

We start out at Gordon's funeral, where somehow Carol feels compelled to speak even though she not only didn't know him, but killed him. "May he have a smooth journey to heaven. Or hell." She didn't really know him. We find out that Gordon lived in Malibu and invited them to live in his home with him, he liked marathons, he was Gail's lover, he smelled bad, was a racially insensitive sexist pig, had a temper and was a bad drunk...but hey, now that he's dead, you kinda forget that stuff. Gail cries a lot in this episode and has been writing Gordon's name in the sand, it's spiritually healing.

Oh yeah, and Phil 2 is boning Erica but still wants his Care Package back. And breaks up with Erica. Awkward.

Carol bounces back and forth between the gang and Phil Tandy, who's amusing himself with a ball shooter, playing M&M Can, etc. alone. She doesn't know what she'll tell them, but she'll come up with an idea in the moment. That moment turns out to be that claiming Phil Tandy is dead, in a heroic manner by saving her from falling into the Grand Canyon and then doing it himself. She has lots of little drawings of this, including more and more closeups of Phil Tandy's death. She also dresses in full 1800's widow regalia to write Tandy's name in the sand and scream and cry. She attempts to make people think kindly of him, and none of it works, especially when she asks them to think of one memory of him and they all boil down to "the time he tried to kill me" and "all the times he tried to bone me."

While Gail is trying to give everyone a CPR lesson--let's all make sure this never happens again--Carol goes through with her plan to reveal that Tandy's alive even though at this point he's yelling at her to abort, abort. The gang walks off in anger and Phil cries in his hair suit/tux combo with his balls in the motorhome. However will he get them to believe him and listen to him that he's sorry?!

Carol announces that she and Phil Tandy are going back to Tucson now, goodbye. But the rest of the gang shows up and Carol tells them all the real story of how Phil Tandy has reformed, honestly. And she's just about convinced them when Phil Tandy remembers how angry men used to make people listen back in the day... BY BARGING IN AND POINTING A GUN AT THEM.

SO THAT WENT WELL. With Phil delivering super nice compliments--Todd, you were my best friend and I'm sorry; Phil, you were right to abandon me in the desert and it made me a better man; Gail, you're a lovely person and I'm sorry about Gordon; Erica, you're cute and have a lovely accent; Melissa, you had to put up with my crap longest other than Carol.... in between screaming at people to keep their hands up.

SO THAT GOES WELL. "They were going to give you a second chance, you dumb donkey!" Carol yells.

The episode ends with Phil's head and hands locked in stocks, 1700's-style. Where the hell did they get such a thing?

Quote Corner:
"The last time I saw you, we were making love." --Phil 2 makes with the awkward.
"Someone's coming back to life today." --Carol
"In hindsight, boo was not a great icebreaker." --Carol
"Oh god, he's alive." -Melissa
"The Tandy you knew truly is dead." --Carol
"This isn't a saying people are dead competition!" --Phil Tandy after Carol points out they're even now.
"This is where the death stuff really kicks in, so viewer discretion is advised." --Carol on her death drawings
"No regre........................" --the supposedly last words of Phillip Tandy Miller.
"I think we can all agree that Tandy was a freaking crankshaft." --Melissa
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Carol's art of Phil laying dead in a pool of blood with a big smile on his face is Jokeresque, I'll-tell-you-what.
posted by Servo5678 at 3:56 PM on October 12, 2015

I liked it. This show is in danger of hitting its stride.
posted by ian1977 at 8:16 PM on October 12, 2015

This show is bad, but it's unique programming at the moment and has stars (Ferrell, Forte, Schaal, Kodjoe). It's like some kind of weird 3's company with the interactions. I think what helps it besides the stars is the feeling that the next episode could literally be about anything. Carol and Phil could really have gone to the Grand Canyon, because who is to say they didn't. They can 'pan' to his brother in space, because why not. "Welcome to Who's Post-apocalyptic Show is it Anyway, where every plot is made up and the script doesn't matter."
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Cashman this is what I love about the show. It's so fucking weird and out there. I don't get why people don't like it. Those are features, not bugs!
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