Mystery Science Theater 3000: SPACE TRAVELERS
October 7, 2015 10:13 PM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

AKA Marooned. American astronauts become stranded in space when their ship suffers a malfunction, and their wives on Earth are put through the dramatic wringer worrying about them. The surprise heroes turn out to be the Russians. Here it is: the first episode of Season Four, the only MST3K movie to have Gene Hackman, and -- yes! -- the only Oscar-winning movie covered by Mystery Science Theater 3000, although not in the form in which it won, and for Effects. This is another Film Ventures International production, a company that specialized in low-budget knockoffs of better-known films. FVI puttered along for a while, but when it failed in 1984 boss Edward Montoro disappeared with a million dollars of company money and his whereabouts remain unknown to this day. YouTube (1h34m) Premiered June 6, 1992.

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IMDB (5.8 stars), rated G (as Marooned)
"Three American astronauts are stranded in space when their retros won't fire. Can they be rescued before their oxygen runs out?"
Directed by John Sturges. Written by Mayo Simon and Martin Caiden. Starring Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna, David Jannsen, James Franciscus and Gene Hackman.
Won Oscar (1970) for Best Effects, Special Visual Effects. Nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Sound. Nominated for Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation.
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This week's main showing will be tonight (Thursday) at 9 PM ET, as usual at The club FAQ is up here.

This week we may have a double feature, of a previously-skipped episode. If you want to see that, try coming by two hours earlier, at 7 PM ET.
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[insert Dennis Miller anecdote here]
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