Grey's Anatomy: I Choose You
October 10, 2015 2:11 PM - Season 12, Episode 3 - Subscribe

When Maggie gets an invitation to her ex-boyfriend's wedding, she starts to reevaluate her choices.
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Is it just me or does Meredith seem, harder this season? I haven't decided if it's because Derek is gone and so we don't get to see "the softer side of Sears" anymore (and just see her being a hardcore surgeon in the hospital) or if this is a conscious decision by Pompeo and the writing staff to make her more like her Mother now that she lost the love of her life and is diving into work. We don't even get scenes of her with her kids anymore. The carousel never stops turning indeed.

Also, why are all the new interns so annoying? Or do i just hate change? Hovering over Jo, basically being inept and ridiculous in the OR, just..blegh. And- no new female interns? Just love sick puppy and Fake!Attending?
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I like Fake!Attending, though I constantly forget who the other interns are, so I think I agree?

I love the idea that Meredith is becoming more like her mother. I sort of assumed that it was a choice by the writers to reflect this attitude (from an Entertainment Weekly story):
Pompeo pointed out that she was personally offended by the idea that Grey’s couldn’t continue without McDreamy. After all, the show was named after Meredith Grey. Wasn’t this supposed to be her story? “Let’s keep it really real for a second and say this is really difficult for my ego,” Pompeo admitted. “It’s okay! We all have one!” She looked around at Davis and Washington, who were sitting right next to her. “It’s like, Annalise Keating carries the show, Olivia Pope carries the show,” she said, referring to the characters Davis and Washington play on How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal. “But somehow, Meredith Grey needs someone. Why can’t I just be the lead of the show the way Annalise and Olivia can? Why can’t I be on that poster by myself?”
I'm really enjoying Maggie, and the Shepherd-Grey sisters clubhouse (we rewound and watched Maggie's alien speech twice).

I also like how the show is drifting meta, with Edwards' amazing speech about Arizona, and all she's been through, in the season premiere.

In summary: Grey's Anatomy. Still a thing I watch!
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This show gets a lot of hate among ostensibly more "discerning," but on an episode-by-episode basis, it's really terrifically written. Granted, taken cumulatively, the accumulation of melodrama becomes ridiculous (mass shooter, helicopter crash, ferry crash, plane crash, etc.) but still.

I'm mostly in agreement about how terrible the interns are. But I actually think pseudo-asexual, career-focused Grey is a relief and makes a lot of sense. Probably at least a third of the widowed people I've ever known opted out of the relationship-go-round for good. And that seems very much like something Grey might do. I hope they have the nerve to stick with it, but my bet is, there's a new chief of _______ who's supersexy and locked in on Grey within half a season.
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Am I correct in understanding it that there is one post on the whole of this site for Grey's Anatomy? Wild.... So do we really start a whole new threads per ep or maybe we could ask Cortex for a "Season 12 general" thread and frm the day after airing it's assumed "live" for that ep? I mean if there's only the five of us. I have opinions on later eps, but far from enough opinions o start a thread. I love the point above about the hardening of Merideth (who has never been cuddly) and the disappearing of the kids.
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I didn't find any others when I made this one! I will make a fanfare talk post and we can get some input.
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This show gets a lot of hate among ostensibly more "discerning," but on an episode-by-episode basis, it's really terrifically written.

I totally agree with this. The first half of last season was a damn master class in effective use of theme. I'm laid up for a bit, so I may try to rewatch this weekend for specific examples.
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