Gotham: Strike Force
October 13, 2015 10:03 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Gordon gets a new boss and new underlings. Penguin gets a new 'friend' and new orders. And Nygma gets a new relationship, and maybe a new outlook on life. Theo Galavan reveals more of his ties to,and ambitions for, the city.
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Oh,and Alfred slaps Cat.
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Alfred slapping Cat honestly shocked me. Penguin just gets better all the time. And...the Commish AS THE COMMISH!
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What terrible thing is going to bring down Chiklis? The logical expectation after Essen's death was that the moral universe of Gotham would reassert itself and a corrupt scumbag would rush in to fill the void. But instead the show has doubled down and presented us with a seemingly incorruptible superdad. We know this can't last, if for no other reason than the overall story demands a GCPD that is a sleazepit when Jim eventually steps up to reform it. I feel like capital-T Tragedy may be in the offing here; Essen was simply murdered, but I'm anticipating something much worse for her replacement. I hope not soon, though, because Chiklis is killing it. (Gotham has to be the best casting on TV.)
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