Gotham: By Fire
October 26, 2015 9:00 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Butch gets a hand, Firefly gets an origin story, Nygma leaves Ms. Kringle breathless. Jim and Bullock do the buddy cop thing once again, Bruce takes a punch, Galavant schemes as usual.
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I hadn't heard of Firefly or his/her origin story before, so Bridget being burned alive was genuinely surprising and shocking to me. Strange how the show can do that to a rookie police officer last week, and Bridget's brothers earlier in the episode, and I don't bat an eye, but it becomes horrifying when it happens to a character I've come to know and like even a little bit.
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I'm assuming Firefly and the mysterious facility she was taken to is something I'd have a clue about if I'd been reading any Batman titles in the past 20 years or so?

SFX question for those who might know...Is the tech good enough these days to convincingly CG a full-body burn? Or were all the body burns (three? four?) live stunts? That they were slowed down makes me think they were live burns. But, wow, that a lot of burns for a single episode of a tv show. Couldn't have been cheap.

Sad to see Butch dispatched so handily. I liked his character. But, maybe he's not gone...again?

Intense Jim Gordon is intense. I'd like the character better if he was turned down a few notches. Maybe it's just that McKenzie isn't selling it well (at least to me?) The intensity is so overblown that it just doesn't feel genuine.

I hope the show is doing reasonably well in the ratings. There are so many sub-plots going on now, that they'll never be able to tie any of it up if they have to do it this season.
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So, it was pretty clear that Nygma's storybook romance was going to end tragically, but I'm pretty surprised that 1. it happened so quickly and 2. that they didn't do something interesting with a character named Kristin Kringle, for pete's sake.
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It's a good thing Gordon didn't mention Firefly to Dr. Thompkins.

It's kind of a touchy subject for her.
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It was always clear to me that Kristin existed to push Nygma into becoming the Riddler, but the suddenness of the southward turn took me by surprise too.
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I think it was someone here who suggested (jokingly? who can say with Gotham?) that Nygma would be pushed to become the Riddler when Miss Kringle was kidnapped or otherwise harmed by the Calendar Man, probably in a Very Special Christmas Episode. I had reached a certainty this would happen. Really, why would you name a character Kristin Kringle without a good reason? Or even an awesome/terrible reason? Regardless, it was a hell of a scene.
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I liked her character a lot, so I'm hoping that (in typical Gotham fashion) she's not as dead as she seems.

Regardless, I thought that this was yet another solid episode. This show seems to finally be getting its footing after a super uneven first season. Or maybe I'm just getting used to its incredible campy stupidity. Maybe both.
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I liked her character a lot, so I'm hoping that (in typical Gotham fashion) she's not as dead as she seems.

I'm thinking that, since Dr. Thompkins was more-or-less Kringle's only girl friend (and the medical examiner), she's going to start looking into Kringle's death, which makes her suspicious of Nygma, which makes him scared of being discovered, which makes him kidnap Thompkins, which makes Gordon angry, which leads to a season-ending cliffhanger.
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I've suspected for a while that Nygma has some horrific history of violence and adopted an incredibly obviously fake name because he subconsciously wanted to be found out, only to become increasingly frustrated with the incompetence and incuriosity of all the detectives (!) around him, who never suspected a thing. So I can imagine the GCPD looking at everyone but Nygma as a suspect -- he's just too nice! -- and the knowledge that he can get away with murder simply because everyone thinks he's such a huge wuss slowly driving him even crazier.
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