Star Wars Rebels: The Lost Commanders
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On the advice of Asokha Tano, the crew of the Ghost travel in search of former allies of the Jedi for assistance in fighting the Empire. Their journey brings them to a remote desert-like planet where they come across three familiar faces to viewers of The Clone Wars.

I'm going to try and just make this episode one, even though "Siege of Lothal" was really the first episode(s) of Season 2. I figure it might make it less crazy when trying to view it elsewhere.
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Incidentally, Star refers to this as episode 3. Also, I've forgotten to add the trivia to the episode!

  • The undershirt worn by Gregor is adorned with the logo of the Power Sliders diner, where he worked at on Abafar during the Clone Wars.
  • The scars on the sides of the heads of Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor, mirror the scar that Fives had during the Clone Wars when he had the chip removed.
  • Agent Kallus's uniform reflects an unseen promotion of sorts, showing a different rank badge and collar.
  • The head of the tactical droid used in the episode was modified slightly in appearance to match the different design aesthetic of Rebels rather than Clone Wars.
  • The joopa fishing harness is built out of a Clone Wars-era backpack, famously used by Ahsoka to carry Rotta the Hutt.
  • The extended Joopa fishing sequence was intended as an homage to Jaws, "We're going to need a bigger tank."

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I haven't watched much of Clone Wars but know enough about Rex to be excited by his appearance.

Was the probe droid already on the planet? Otherwise, would Hera have noticed it as it attempted to enter the atmosphere?
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It was my understanding that it landed after everyone else was already on the planet. We know from ESB that probe droids entering an atmosphere can be something similar to meteors and we also know that Hera was up to her elbows fixing the hyperdrive, so I don't think it's a major logical flaw that it could land undetected.

That said, sure was a coincidence that it landed within continental spitting distance of our heroes! I guess having cut away scenes of the probe droid being completely lost on the other side of the planet wouldn't have heightened the drama enough.

The director for this episode, or whomever did the storyboarding, definitely loved the contrast of the ramshackle tank against the blue sky from a distance. We saw that framed a lot, which is okay, because it was a pretty shot. I also appreciated the nod to ESB with one star destroyer being overtaken by another in the frame of the camera. Rebels more than Clone Wars really strives for a cinematic depiction of the universe akin to that seen in the movies. The old Republic Tank had the spirit of Howl's Moving Castle.

Which, in itself, isn't that surprising given their near saintly appreciation and reliance upon Ralph McQuarrie's designs and style.

I enjoyed seeing our clones again, knowing that they survived the Clone Wars, but I was also relieved somewhat to see that their presence in this story will be more limited. We had enough clones already, and as much as I love Dee Bradley Baker, I've heard his clone voice just enough times for my life.

Props for the touches of emotion in Freddie Prince's voice when Kanan reflected on the death of his master, not very Jedi-like, but very human. Kanan's reaction was also interesting, as he spots the clones and he whips out his lightsaber. When facing the probe droid, he chooses to fall back on his blaster.

Am I the only one who's freaked out that this season will end with Ahsoka dying in a duel against Vader? Eerf.
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Am I the only one who's freaked out that this season will end with Ahsoka dying in a duel against Vader? Eerf.

Not until I read this and now I am so, so worried.
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You're welcome!
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Instead of Vader killing Ahsoka... What if the Emperor twists circumstances to make it look to Vader like the rebellion is responsible for her death?
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I don't want to think about her dying, y'all. Hush up.

I was delighted to see Rex and his cronies and now I feel like I need to watch the rest of Clone Wars (I'm partway through S5). Also I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought of Howl's Moving Castle when I saw the tank.
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