Star Wars Rebels: Relics of the Old Republic
October 22, 2015 8:11 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The thundering steps of AT-ATs announce the Empire's decision to attack our heroes and the surviving clones on the planet's surface. Armed only with a relic tank of the old Republic and the Force, our heroes face long odds and difficult barriers between fulfilling their mission and simply staying alive.

  • The interior of the cockpit of the clones' tank, an AT-TE, has a large joopa illustration on the side and hash marks indicating at least 12 kills. Also in the inside is a decal for "79's" the clone night club on Coruscant.
  • This was the series first appearance of an AT-AT walker pilot.
  • The illustration on the side of the clone trooper rotary blaster cannon used by Zeb is of a joopa eel.
  • The design of the AT-AT is a hybrid based off the early illustrations of Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston for The Empire Strikes Back.
  • This is the first appearance of the Fifth Brother inquisitor. His design was inspired by unused artwork created for The Force Awakens.
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I haven't watched more than a few episodes of Clone Wars, and I really enjoyed this episode.

Best moments include the Ghost crew breaking into the AT-AT and Rex's reunion with Ahsoka.
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Plus... The clones ramming their vehicle into the AT-AT to try to knock it over.
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Visually this was an amazing episode, particularly the AT-ATs with their search lights in the midst of the sandstorm. We had our Luke in the trench moment, to a degree, with Ezra, who forsakes the targeting computer of the tank's canon (not to mention his helmet) when he fires at the AT-AT's neck. I definitely was not expecting the Clones to return with the group, much less a heart warmer like Rex and Tano reuniting. "You got old."

And enter in our second Inquisitor. Incidentally, as the trivia page pointed out, he's the "Fifth Brother." We also know from "next time..." there's another, too, and I believe she's actually voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar (opposite her husband performing Kanan).

So much of the show remains aesthetically beautiful, the framing, the directing, the lighting and everything. They take your weekly CGI animated show to the limits and it's awesome.
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I really felt like Star Wars this episode, and even though I'm still not done with Clone Wars, the reunion of Rex and Ahsoka was heartwarming. I hope these guys had some input into the movie because they GET Star Wars.
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One little touch that I really liked: Ezra holds Rex's old helmet for a moment like he's considering adding it to his collection.
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One of the perspective shots of the AT-ATs was a clear reference to this McQuarrie concept art. It really tickled my inner fanboy.

I am loving this new season so far. They really seem to get to the heart of what made the original trilogy resonate.
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I'm so glad this show exists and I really love it. But part of me does ache for a grown up or all ages version of it. Sometimes the "golly-gee" or "look at this new toy!"moments really hammer home that I'm watching a Disney XD show.

My wife's pie in the sky dream is an HBO series of Knights of the Old Republic
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