Last Man on Earth: C to the T
October 19, 2015 6:40 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Tandy tries to prove himself to the gang by enduring various forms of punishment. Oddly enough, the title isn't any kind of "See You Next Tuesday" sort of reference. Go figure.

Tandy--he's going back to that name to please everyone--begs for water while in the stocks. As you've seen in the commercials, Melissa puts water in his hand and then walks off, so he can't drink it and only can sorta throw it at himself. Phil2 comes out and holds a gun to Tandy's head, then shoots some blanks around, causing a "bring my brown pants" situation. Carol begs for Tandy's freedom, which nobody is down with.

Phil2 proposes a week of solitary confinement in the workout room, and Tandy is so psyched to prove himself to others that he ups it to 5 weeks! He did the crime, he has to do the time--hence the C to the T comments that he makes a lot. Tandy has realized he has always taken the easy way out and he wants to stop doing that. "For the next five weeks, I got a new wife and her name is Lady Justice."

Todd, Melissa, and Carol eat cheese (Carol is hogging it), they are all sick of canned expired food. Where's the cow? She has a shock collar and a periimeter outside. When Todd walks out, Carol asks how their relationship is going and Melissa says he's been acting cold and distant. At night, Tandy sneaks out to each the cheese. Melissa, reading "Murder Me Bloody" in the living room, is very casually all, "Tandy's out."

Next, we see Tandy shocking himself in a shock collar in the cow's perimeter. "You guys, this is top notch punishment." Also, "dirt's gonna be my pillow tonight." Todd sneaks out at night while Tandy's asleep and doesn't see it.

The next morning, Tandy greets Erica and Gail loudly when they just want to go in the pool, and annoys the shit out of them with compliments and bad accent imitations. Upon serenading Melissa, she demands to add "No talking" to the punishment. So Carol goes out and gets another voice-activated collar that shoots citronella into his face.

Tandy just wants the gang (other than Carol) to acknowledge that his is hard for him. Carol is trying, but nobody's engaging. Meanwhile, Melissa leaves him some beer...outside the perimeter.

I don't even want to think about how they are handling Tandy going to the bathroom right now.

Later, Tandy starts throwing vases and knocking over the beers to get everyone's attention. They all play charades--the gang only wants to guess TV or movies, especially "X Factor" a LOT. Tandy wants to be able to take the collar off, but since he acts like an animal, they're gonna treat him like one....and then they lock him in a shed box just like Chandler Bing back in the day.

At night, one of the tiki torches lights the house on fire. Nobody hears Tandy and his citronella screaming, and he ends up having to get shocked a shit ton of times as he goes back and and forth with a bucket, getting pool water to put out the flames. SOMEHOW NOBODY WAKES UP DURING ALL OF THIS, so Tandy just goes back into his shed after the fire is out. Also, clearly it's a terrible idea to leaves flames unattended! It's not like y'all have a fire department to call any more!

The next morning, the gang finds the fire and deduces the tiki torch did it--but who put it out? Time for charades, round 2, in which Carol translates what just happened. Phil2 removes the collars, but everyone else walks off as Tandy delivers another enthusiastic speech.

Todd walks out again at night, going into a door and saying, "Daddy's home." I don't know what's up with that.
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My guess re: Todd: Next episode he will be suspected of being a cheater. By the end of the ep, though, it will be revealed that he has been secretly fixing up a house with working water + electricity for Melissa to move into with him.
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Pretty much. Also, who's there to cheat on? Does he have another cow hiding in there secretly? IS THAT WHERE ALL THE CHEESE COMES FROM?!

This show's an interesting morality problem:
(a) Phil Tandy is generally super horrible most of the time (though improving).
(b) Everyone he knows is entirely justified in hating his guts.
(c) I kinda can't blame them for treating him like they do because god knows, we'd probably all be tempted.
(d) However, after awhile it does get .... rather mean.... to treat him like that.

Who do I have sympathy for? Fuck if I know. Maybe the cow.
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Yeah, agreed re: meanness. I think Carol is the only one who is mostly not mean. And the cow. I like the cow.

I am ALMOST sure that Todd flipped a switch in that house. The lighting in the house looked like electric. Given how much the camera lingered on the candles/torches in the rest of the episode, I don't think that's an oversight.

Also, I'm starting to get bothered by the musical cues -- that "Phil is being redeemed! REDEEMED!" music is just so... ugh.
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