Mystery Science Theater 3000: CITY LIMITS
October 21, 2015 2:36 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

"Just beyond our time, heroic young warriors stand between civilization and destruction." "On the border of adventure. At the edge of danger." It's after the apocalypse again, teenage motorcycle gangs rule the city streets, and a corporation wants to take over because EVIL. A classic episode, with many memorable bits: Joel's umbrella in the theater, Crow's fixation on Kim Cattrall, and two whole segments in which the guys invent members for their superhero team, the Fantastic 85. "Man Man! He has all the powers of a man, but he's a man!" Ernie was played by Dean Devlin, who produced Independence Day, the first Hollywood Godzilla (the one with Matthew Broderick) and Stargate. According to the IMDB, how actors were mentioned in the credits depended on their fate in the movie. So, John Stockwell IS Lee because his character survived, but Dean Devlin WAS Ernie because he kicked the bucket. YouTube (1h31m) Premiered June 20, 1992.

Episode 403 CITY LIMITS
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Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt
IMDB (2.1 stars) 1985, PG-13.
"A series of teenage gangs struggle against each other in a not-so-distant future. Eventually they united against an evil corporation, as represented by evil CEO Robby Benson who wants to control everything."
Directed by Aaron Lipstadt. Written by him, Don Keith Opper and James Reigle. Starring John Stockwell, Darrell Larson, Rae Dawn Chong, James Earl Jones and Kim Cattrall.

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This week's show will take place, as usual, Thursday (the 21st) at 9 PM Eastern time, at We may have a double-feature this week, it depends on how quickly I make it back to Brunswick before the show -- if we do, it will begin two hours before the main show, at 7 PM ET. Information on our weekly shows is here.
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Please note that Dean Devlin was also in Real Genius.
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This post needs more tags.
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Show has started if anyone wants to drop by early.
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Well we had buffering video problems and everyone but me dropped out, so we're going to hold off on 213 and just wait until 9 for the main show.
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