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October 22, 2015 12:38 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The tension between Oliver and Diggle puts them at risk when they target Damien Darhk and a meta-human; Laurel convinces Thea to return to Nanda Parbat to request Sara be put into the Lazarus Pit.
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I know I over-think this show, it just didn't make sense this week. Malcolm told Thea the bloodlust is focused against the person who killed her, so Ra's. Okay. By that logic, Sarah's should be focused against Thea. Why would he agree to revive somebody whose only goal would be to kill the daughter he supposedly loves? That should be the one thing he wouldn't do.
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Ra's al Ghul isn't dead, his body went over a waterfall. No body, no death. this is also a universe where lazarus pits and time travel exist. He'll show up again eventually, to cure Thea with his next death, or maybe Thea just needs to kill the current Ra's, and in the season finale she'll battle with her father.

Huh, I just got something, We should have known Malcolm was a villain the first time we saw him. His name is Malcolm, mal meaning bad.

Also Oliver, Olives are green. And Queen sounds like green.
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Thea wasn't really the agency behind killing Sarah; that would be Mr. al Gul.
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We've been waiting for Thea vs Malcolm for a while now at our house. My husband was predicting that as an outcome of "only someone trained by Ra's can beat Ra's" which was last season.

On another front, three episodes of Diggle and Oliver grumping at each other was quite enough, and I cheered when Felicity read them the riot act. I'm glad the boys settled their differences and are acting like they're trusting each other again. They do seem to be doing all the things in a timely manner instead of waiting with the sword of Damocles over people's heads this season, which I really like.
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Good: Lazarus pitted Sarah, although I know it just ends with her on that other show

Bad: Felicity turning incompetent for no reason - she's the computer geek and she just shrugs off her phone mysteriously showing matrix code?
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yeah I don't know why she couldn't just be like "omg I got haxxored" and went to work figuring it out (although we all know it's Ray/Atom).

I'm really questioning the justification behind letting Laurel do insane crap like resurrecting Sara. We already know she's got a huge blind spot when it comes to her sister, but when everyone, even the evil guy who just sent his men to die to sate his blood thirsty daughter tell you that it's a bad idea, whyyy did she not just pack up and go home? Unless Malcome is that evil where he's like "oh yeah lets have a bloodthirsty zombie go after my equally crazy daughter and see who wins!"

Thea wasn't really the agency behind killing Sarah; that would be Mr. al Gul.

Thea was the person that Sara saw killing her. I think once you're revived your blood lust is trained upon that mental image, like Thea will only see the previous Mr. al Gul killing her, although it was Malcolm that initiated everything that led up to that.
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Malcolm: "Does that qualify as being normal?"

Uhh... no.
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