Arrow: Beyond Redemption
October 29, 2015 1:36 PM - Season 4, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Oliver tells his team that he is running for mayor. They are not impressed. The new Arrow Cave is pretty shiny, though. Laurel reveals Sarah to Lance; Team Arrow confronts some rogue members of the anti-vigilante task force; Oliver confronts Lance about working with Damien Darhk. Subplots progress slightly. Sarah escapes.
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The fight sequence where Team Arrow of completely shut down by the rogue vigilante task force was hilarious. I'm a sucker for wrist-mounted weaponry and hope they bring the that character back. She'd do a lot better on the team than Laurel, although I did laugh at the ST:TNG style 'changing frequencies' on her canary cry.

I love Felicity (even in Season 3!) and Echo Kellum is bringing a hell of a lot to a small role, the cellphone/Atom subplot is really forced and I hope its resolved soon. We should be spending more time building up to Mr. Terrific!
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Were landmines on Flashback Island such a big deal before this season? I honestly don't remember them playing such a major role in the plot.

Despite listening to the dialogue I totally missed the Neal Adams shout-out until I read about it on a review site. I don't know how that escaped me. Maybe old age is setting in.
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Yeah the tactical landmine use is hilarious. I think the first scene in Season 2 has Felicity stepping on a landmine and Oliver swinging in like Tarzan to save her.
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Despite listening to the dialogue I totally missed the Neal Adams shout-out until I read about it on a review site.

What was the shout-out?
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When Mr. Terrific is speculating about the identity of GA, he mentions the guy from data processing who won the archery tournament in camp. He names the employee as Neal Adams, and Felicity repeats it. I looked up that scene later, and it was completely evident and audible. I have no idea how I missed it.
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Yeah how the hell did Team Arrow bundle that first fight scene? I know they're specially trained to take down vigilantes, but you'd think the team would be better trained to adapt to such situations.
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I actually kind of liked the flashback this time. It's good to be back on the island, I guess.
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Loved the Neal Adams shout-out. I looked at my husband and was all "did they just ...?"

The interesting thing to me was Ollie finally conning on to Lance and Darhk or however we're spelling his name. And this time Lance actually went to Darhk for a good reason! Which Ollie needs to find out about sooner rather than later, though now that Sara has escaped, that should happen. They are not leaving stupid secrets to fester, and this one is pretty stupid. The series is definitely suffering from plot-related stupidity for the sake of the spin-off (Sara and the fuckery with the equipment that is almost certainly Ray).

But my favorite thing in this episode was definitely "we're using Sebastian Blood's old campaign office so we can steal his secret lair". A+ lampshading! Plus they're not even trying to hide it from Lance since they've already had him down there by the end of the episode.
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Ray's password is "PASSWORD"?
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That's a callback to last season, when Ray was working incessantly on the Atom suit. Felicity locked him out of his computer (or something like that) until he took a shower and a nap. She says something like "you can expend X amount of time cracking the password, or you can spend it sleeping and at the end I'll tell you the password" -- he does the latter, and she later reveals that the password she chose is "PASSWORD" which is sort of funny given who she is.
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I know some amount of soap opera junk is always going to turn on people keeping secrets but I just had to grit my teeth though secret-keeping about the use of the Lazarus Pit after the very recent upset and problems because of secret-keeping about the use of the Lazarus Pit.
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