The Amazing Race: King of the Jungle
October 24, 2015 6:27 AM - Season 27, Episode 5 - Subscribe

8 teams travel within Zimbabwe on the fifth leg in a race around the world.

This episode started off with the “cliffhanger” of who gets the express pass, a reminder of subpar scheming, and Phil continuing to send teams off racing immediately without a break. It also featured people being nice about each other (Hi Producers!), bungee/ziplining over a gorgeous gorge and the Zambezi, Phil in a Croc Tank, vulture nests, multiple failures to read signs and clues and pay attention (while declaiming that they need to pay attention), fruit baskets, the head wraps seen in some earlier confessionals, requests to be slapped, people finishing tasks from last week, crocodiles, canoes, walking with lions, and self-recrimination.

Also: one of the Texans asks God to make save him from the horror of screaming "like a girl” and later is disgusted that someone might think he is girlish for the basket-on-the-head-walking, Phil guilts the paparazzi, and a last-place team futilely turns the first place team because they promised everyone (who didn’t do it before them) they would all U-turn the Green Team if they had the chance.

Sadly, no racers were taken out by hippos. Or crocodiles. Or warthogs.
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Also, the phrase “Shut Up, SHUT UP” was uttered 23 times in our house.
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Not reading your clue thoroughly is bad enough once (have they ever watched the show before?)... but after you realized you messed up, it's inexcusable to do it a second time - ON THE SAME TASK.
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I haven't found anyone to root for this season, but plenty to root against. The Texans' plotting and religious invocations make them obnoxious hypocrites. (Plus if I wanted evil plotting I'd watch Survivor.) I feel some sympathy for the green team until he launches into what an expert he is about TAR. The male paparazzo, please someone strangle him now. The mother has been pretty annoying, although having the Express Pass gift seemed to rejuvenate them some. And the general poor reading of clues and not paying attention - arrrrgh.
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We are left with the reporters here, but that may be because we've had least exposure to whatever makes them loathsome.
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Seeing crocs from inside and scary. Scarier than sharks?
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Definitely! I too, would have been worried about my toes.

Both have mouths that are pretty unwieldy for detail work like toe eating, but those long teeth at the front squared tip of the mouths could do more damage than the teeth on the more rounded mouth of the shark.

On the other hand, it looked like the Croc cage challenge was shorter than the canoing and it would have seemed safer to me, so I'd have picked it.
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I would spend all day in a cage feeding crocs than bungee jump into that river gorge.
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It's not a just world where the husband of the Paparazzi team doesn't get booted. That had to be the main disappointment of the episode, if only because the editors and producers of the show had to be wanting us to feel that way. Gawd, "Here's $20 bucks." THIS IS TAS, YOU ALWAYS GIVE THE POOR ORPHANS EVERYTHING. Too bad it wasn't part of a challenge like the previous race (where everyone just ignored the sign asking for everything to be donated).

I appreciate the Green Team's enthusiasm and passion for the race enough to overlook the fellow's whiff of arrogance and obnoxiousness at times. He comes across like one of those people who don't realize they can come across that way. I hope so, anyways.

The gorge thing...looked awesome! I'd do it. I also figured the croc tank would have been quicker than the canoeing AND safer. It was still great to see Green Team blow away the Texans, who obviously had an advantage in the upper body strength.

And the general poor reading of clues and not paying attention - arrrrgh.

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