The Amazing Race: My Tongue Doesn't Even Twist That Way
October 31, 2015 7:16 AM - Season 27, Episode 6 - Subscribe

7 teams travel from Zimbabwe to France on the next leg in a race around the world.

This episode featured yet more bungee jumps, the return of random fitbit numbers, assorted bro mating rituals, terrible accents, biplanes, yet another spot-it-from-the-sky challenge, loops, people getting lost, a white phantom that looks like a hipster art student wannabe, rapping, seafood-a-palooza, defeatism,a cool carousel in the background, chef toques, gratuitous use of the sparkle filter, and the Arc de Triomphe.

The show ends on another “cliff-hanger”. Sadly, there are no actual cliffs.

At the end of the leg, Phil makes the racers keep racing (to Rotterdam).
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I found it mildly interesting that he tells Justin to be nice to Diana as they rush off to Rotterdam.

I am so rooting for someone to get dumped at the welcome mat this year.

(Sarah remains one of my favorite racers. Great moments in Amazing Race history!)
posted by julen at 7:17 AM on October 31, 2015

Yeah, I'm basically waiting for Green Team to win but for them to break up. Would kind of serve Justin right.

I wish the dancers were still in. I would have loved to see them rock the French hip hop.

Early in the episode I told my husband I thought I wouldn't mind if Alabama won, and now they're not looking so good (unless this is finally a non-elimination leg?) so basically every time I find a new team I wouldn't mind winning, they're out. ... Go Green Team?
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I like the "keep racing" at the end of an episode more than pure non-elimination legs, but Alabama is in deep trouble if there isn't an overnight catchup point in the next leg.

I thought I was going to come around on the Green Team like I did with The Dentists. The male dentist (Jim) I didn't like for a while, but it turned out he was just playing the game way too hard, was never mean to his partner and Misti's bright attitude made the team a net positive. But Green Team is becoming yet another team where he's going to be an ass to her as the pressure gets higher. So we all hope for a breakup and they probably get engaged at the mat.
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Mildly entertaining to watch teams briefly not notice French Russell Brand.

After Phil said "Be nice to her", an ad (I think for Good Wife) popped up on the screen. I was ready for it to be the only non-gratuitous TV hashtag ever, #benicetoher, but no.
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The worst part is that - as such a student of the game and show - Justin should have realized that when Phil gives you advice like that, it's not idle or a platitude, it's a not-subtle message from Phil and the Producers that he is not coming across well at all vis a vis Diana. In both his immediate brushing off of Phil and the previews, it does not look like Justin has gotten the message.
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Perhaps the self-proclaimed TAR expert didn't extend his observations to include how the personal relationships fared.

The seafood task didn't prove to be as challenging as i expected. I thought for sure some team would get stuck there - yet apparently it was the rapping that may prove to be mom and son's undoing.

What's with all the jumping this season? They're resorting to that too often. Can't resist the dramatic visuals, i guess.

I mentioned julen's observation from last week (we're left with the reporters to root for) to my SO. We don't see much of them, she observed. That's because they're never first, but they don't seem to screw up or attack each other.
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I had been willing to give Justin the benefit of the doubt for just being an over-excited superfan, but he's turning out to be a real douchebag.

Also, I had to cringe every time one of them said "egga-latte" to the woman at the airfield. Are Americans really so culturally ignorant as a group that they don't know "Liberté, égalité, fraternité"? i would have known the entire thing just after seeing the first one.
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i would have known the entire thing just after seeing the first one.

I said exactly the same thing to myself after seeing the first one. "Well, that's obvious. 'Liberté, fraternité, égalité.'"

So, despite thinking of myself as someone both knowledgeable and worldly, I wouldn't have gotten it just off the first one.
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