Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I Hope Josh Comes To My Party!
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Rebecca throws a housewarming party, both to invite Josh and to get over childhood trauma from the last time she tried to throw a party and broke up her parents' marriage.

So Josh isn't allowed to be around Rebecca without someone else. So when Rebecca (deliberately) clogs her disposal, he comes over along with White Josh, the latter of which actually knows how to fix and takes his shirt off. Rebecca is, alas, oblivious to that bit. She decides to skip "Weekend Tuesday" at work (you're wearing a sombrero, but still working) by claiming gynecological issues that are just totally inaccurate to Darryl, because men are stupid.

Anyway, to get around the rule, Paula suggests Rebecca throw a housewarming party. Rebecca is terrified of this idea because the last time she threw a party, she was 12 years old and her parents split up AT the party, and her dad abandoned her forever. But hey, it's not like he can abandon you again, can he?

Paula sings an amazing "face your fears song," at one point there are a bunch of kids with scissors there for...some reason. Memorable bits from it are Rebecca pointing out, "I'm back here, sing to me!" and "That's not how smoke or fire works." Anyway, Paula's not in the best mood these days because her husband's life revolves around his barbershop quartet (The West Brovinas) going up against The Glendorables. "Nothing revolves around barbershop!" Also, youngest son Tommy has a crapton of issues and the oldest kid is cleaning a giant sword/knife at the dinner table. Paula's only hope is that her kids get into a really good gang.

Next song up is a duet between 12-year-old and adult Rebecca, with lyrics of "I definitely have friends. Nobody can say that I do not have friends," as Rebecca litters the streets with fliers for the party.

Greg the bartender makes quite a face when Rebecca walks in, and points out that he and she don't have a good track record, what with all the kissing and crying. She calls him one of her best friends, and mentions "saying the worst possible things to each other and then going to a party!" The words "tapenade of reproach" are uttered.

Rebecca invites her punk girl neighbor (from the opening credits), who thinks she'd make a great subject for a psych paper at her JC.

Paula brings decorations for ALL the holidays, including a Valentine pinata, but has to leave when Tommy overcame his fear of getting caught at cheating. Both of them are terrified of his principal.

Shockingly, few people have showed up to the party--even Mrs. Hernandez is out doing parkour or something. This is exactly how Rebecca felt at age 12! Josh will walk out like my dad did! She tries to cancel, but Josh shows up, is unsurprised that she doesn't know that many people here yet, and cues everyone for party selfies. Paula digs up some random people as well, so it's all cool even though Darryl apparently tried meth.

Rebecca's neighbor commiserates with Tommy, saying that being good at school means nothing, just look at Rebecca drinking from that keg there. Cool is what matters! Paula pledges her love to the neighbor.

Greg eventually shows up to the party, wondering what will go wrong and he was hoping for a porch collapse. He is disappointed in that one.

Clearly in Rebecca's head, Josh turns into a four-Josh boy band singing about how they're gonna solve all her psychological problems because they're also a team of licensed medical health professionals. I love this. But seriously, what is Josh's job? Anyway, in real life Josh gets a text from Valentina saying she's back and where is he, but he blows her off. Later he says he thinks he and Rebecca should hang out whenever they want and "I shouldn't be afraid of my girlfriend, right?" YUP.

Greg is the last one out of the party and he was actually rather touched watching Rebecca's face when she and Josh talked. "You know, you're really starting to fit in here," he says. Thank you. "It's not a compliment."

Rebecca accompanies Paula to the principal's office and while standing behind the principal in the window in his office, holds up a pre-written notebook of points Paula needs to make, about a fair access rule that means he can't kick her kid out. Paula finishes with "I'm not afraid of you any more."

The finish is Rebecca talking to 12-year-old Rebecca about her future. 12-year-old doesn't care about Harvard and Yale so much as when do the boobs kick in, and do they float?

I thought this one was pretty good, actually!
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Paula's relationship to Rebecca is turning out to be interesting. Last episode, she blew off her kids (on the phone, they seemed to be having a health crisis) to do work for Rebecca, while Rebecca ditched the long hours of work for which Paula brought snacks (Rebecca ran off to be somewhere near Josh, I think). Rebecca seems oblivious to this, while Paula seems to really want to daugheerify Rebecca.. it's odd.
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Was the lip synching slightly off during Paula's conquer your fears number? Or was something else going on? I just kept staring at the actress' mouth thinking it seemed more obvious that usual that this was acted to a pre-recorded number.
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My favorite joke in this episode was Rebecca trying to distract White Josh by giving him her phone to play with, like he was a toddler. (And it working.)

I really like this show. I hope it gets the time it needs to even out its tonal seesawing, but it doesn't look good (even with it being on CW, who never cancels anything.)
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Agree with the flaws but I can't help but laugh at this show and be charmed by it. I feel like it's finding its footing little by little. And yes, Donna Lynne Champlin is one of the best parts. (It doesn't hurt that I have a big crush on Santino Fontana.) Crossing my fingers it sticks around!
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